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Taylor Swift’s Tweet Criticizing Trump Gains Attention, Gets the Most Likes

Famous singer Taylor Swift is in the limelight but not for any of her concerts, song, or anything music.

She slammed Donald Trump, the President of the US, on Twitter. And people liked her post, making it the most liked tweet by a singer. It is related to Trump’s tweet about protestors in Minnesota; wherein he stated that they should be shot due to the unrest and violence in the country. As per a report by billboard.com, Swift’s post gained most likes out of all her tweets, crossing the 1 million mark within 5 hours.

Her tweet goes as ‘After stoking the fires of white supremacy & racism your whole presidency, you hold the nerves to fake moral superiority before threatening violence?’ She further added that the shooting begins when the looting starts.

Here’s what the US President tweeted, compelling Swift to post a response. He blamed the thugs for disgracing George Floyd’s memory and that he won’t allow them to do that. After this, he added that he told Tim Walz, Governor, that he will always have military supporting him. And that they will handle any problem that arises.

Twitter’s Notice in the Case

Looking at the tweet’s growth, Twitter placed a notice in the public interest. It states that the tweet is violating the platform’s rules related to glorifying violence. However, the post remains accessible for the same interest.

Trump’s Reason to Tweet?

In Minneapolis, on 25 May, Floyd died when a white officer made him pin to the ground, putting his knee on his neck. This event soon earned recognition as one of the African American deaths in the States. Video footage of the incident went viral. In the video, George was seen unable to breathe and pleading to the police officer Derek Chauvin. But the officer didn’t listen to him and kept his knee on his neck for over 5 minutes. Shortly, Floyd was declared dead in the hospital, where he was immediately rushed to after losing consciousness. Next Friday, the officer was arrested with the 3rd-degree murder charge.

This death made the protest violent, and other police officers started killing black people across various cities of the US. Protestors set many police cars on fire, injuries have been reported across the state along with vandalization on shops and showrooms.

To sum up, Floyd’s death sparked outrage throughout the world, to which President Trump reacted on Twitter. Finding this offensive, singer Swift responded with another Tweet that gained immediate attention.

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