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5 Best Tips for Outline Your Lips

Do you really want your lips to look shiner all the time? Well! You don’t need a course on applying lip liner and lipstick. Do you? Just choose your favorite shade and apply it on your lips. However, if you want to add some more pout and fuller, using lip liner correctly can help define your lips while adding the perfect glam as well. And, it isn’t only about the lipstick applying technique and involves the way you prepare the outline.

Below are some tips to outline your lips to get that perfect pout.

Start with the Upper Lipline

Wait! Do you highlight your lower lipline first? That’s where most of the people do the mistake with lining the lips and this distresses your face. But you have to avoid this and enhance your upper lip line first and add only a slight overlining. At the center, where both sides of the upper lip meet, mark a cross. There’s a cupid’s bow on your lips. Yes! The shape of your upper lip is the same as that bow and when overline it, it gives an instant lift to your lips, add definition, and make them appear fuller.

Outline Your Lips With Colored Lip Liner

While outlining with a liner will add a glam, overlining will kill the entire appeal and make you look clownish. Properly outlining your lips using a colored liner will get you fuller pout instead. And, the color of the liner should be in accordance with your lipstick color. For instance, choose an orange lip liner for an orange lipstick and get a shade that matches your lips to get a natural lip appearance.

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Use a Sharpened Lip Liner

Like a sharpened pencil adds beauty to handwriting, a sharpened lip liner helps avoid the mess of thick and blurry lines. And, you can get an accurate thin line as required for that perfect pout look. Besides, sharpening your lip liner before every use will help remove bacteria as well.

And, here’s a tip to sharpen your lip liner easily. Place it into the freezer twenty minutes before using it. It will prevent the tip from breaking off while creating a sharper and cleaner point.

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Run Your Finger Over the Lips

You might be following this basic rule of getting a fuller pout with lip liner. If not yet, here’s how to do it.

When finished applying the outliner, slightly blur the lipline by running your finger on the outer edges. Remember, no rough smudges. Gently smudge your fingers to get a natural finish and softer lips. Also, make a gentle back and forth movement of your finger until your lips and other hard lines get smoothed out.

That’s an instant one of various tips for lips beauty to add a fuller appearance. And, don’t mess it up or down or you will get a blunder of lipstick makeup. For a smoothly graded look, run your finger gently from the darker edges to the plump and lighter center.

Fill Your Lips with Liner

With short and soft strokes of the liner, fill in your lips. This will serve as a better base for the lipstick to stay longer. And, the lipstick’s color will also remain the same that would, otherwise, change on overlapping with the lipliner. However, if you are using the liner wear it and filling the entire lips with it, adding a gloss or lip balm of similar color over the top will deliver an even and smooth appearance.

Now, apply the lipstick starting from your lips’ center and move outwards. You can also use a lip brush if you want to achieve a light and accurate look. After lining and filling the lips, you have to clean out the unwanted color on the outer. A makeup remover or a little bit of moisturizer will come in handy to clean the edges.

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And, with these lips outlining tips, get ready to glam-up your appearance and wear makeup that will attract other’s eyes. However, choosing a color of the liner brighter than your lipstick shade will make your lips pop with a simple yet bold effect. Though using a brush with these tips to outline your lips will leave a natural effect on your lips.

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