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Best Underwear for Pear Shaped in 2022

Everybody is made unique. However, among all those different shapes and sizes, dressing a pear-shaped body can be challenging. No! We aren’t saying you to start resenting for having that body. But about making the right choices. In the undergarments section, you can find many options that will make you look beautiful. The best underwear for pear-shaped bodies can help flatter the bottoms while ensuring you stay in comfort. But before heading to what briefs you can consider, let’s explore some details about pear-shaped bodies. Here, you will learn about how to know if you are pear-shaped and how to find the best briefs for your body.

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What is Pear Shaped Body?

Don’t frown knowing that a human body is being compared to a fruit. It’s done to create a better idea for designers, researchers, health professionals, and consumers alike. That helps create better outfits, treatments, and a lot more. According to experts, a pear-shaped body is the one that’s bigger at hips as compared to the size at shoulders and boobs. The waist of women with the pear-shaped body is defined with slimmer arms.

If you think your body doesn’t look good with this shape, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian also have the same. This might have given you a smile.

How to Know if you are Pear-Shaped

How to Know if you are Pear-Shaped?

The pear shape is also known as triangle type. If your hips are a minimum of 5% wider than your shoulders and bust, you are pear-shaped. You have a defined waist and that helps your briefs stay up. On the bottom body, a pear-shaped body has muscular or full legs. Moreover, if you gain weight, it will be visible on your thighs, tummy, and hips. Now, let’s explore how to choose the best underwear for pear-shaped bodies.

Tips to Choose the Best Underwear for Pear Shaped Body

Every underwear has a specific style and design that suits a specific body type. And here’s what you will need in a brief for a pear-shaped body.

  • High-Waist and Coverage: Panty with a higher waist gives higher coverage due to more material used in it. Moreover, a high-coverage brief also helps cover the bigger butts while making you stay comfortable throughout the day.
  • Wider Leg Openings: As discussed above, women with pear-shaped bodies have fuller legs. So, the underwear should have wider leg openings to accommodate them. However, not all legs are made the same, so you should try a few options before buying the best.
  • Flattering Designs: That’s an essential feature. A super flattering panty that suits your shape works best in giving you a beautiful appearance. Hipster briefs and high-waist designs work best in this concern.
  • Material: Choosing the right material ensures that you stay comfortable while wearing the undergarments. While cotton is the best choice here, you can also go for a blend of polyester with a bamboo fabric and spandex for comfort.
  • Sweat Resistance: Sweating can be bad for the skin if the sweat stays on for long. For the vaginal part, sweating can cause itchiness and yeast infections. Besides, you might also encounter bacterial infections and skin burns. So, you should look for sweat resistance as a primary feature before buying underwear.

What Not to Wear on a Pear-Shaped Body?

Even after choosing the best underwear for pear-shaped, you might not look your best. The problem could lie in the dress you wear over it. So, here are a few dresses you shouldn’t wear if you have that body type:

  • Tight tops
  • Crop tops
  • Tight-fitting and skinny jeans
  • Short shorts
  • Low-rise jeans
  • Bodycon dresses
  • Hip-length jackets
  • Tops, wearing which your hip details are visible
  • Midi, pencil, and mini skirts
  • Leggings

Top 7 Underwear for Pear Shaped Body

Well! That was a lot to consider while buying the best panties for pear-shaped bodies. If you feel that’s a bit too much for shopping, you can check the following options to buy directly.

With soft and stretchy fabric, the thong underwear is breathable. And it doesn’t dig into your skin, even when you workout wearing it. The high-waisted underwear also gives you a perfect and comfortable fit without being visible under yoga pants or legging. The strong material lasts long, doesn’t develop holes, and stays in shape. However, washing it in a machine can unravel the seams but you can ensure it stays good by using a lingerie bag and air drying.

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One of the biggest challenges of wearing underwear on a pear-shaped body is the panty line showing up on the outside. Calvin Klein helps you get rid of this problem with its no panty line thong panty. You can wear it under various dresses including yoga pants and sheer/thin clothing. It feels pleasant and soft on the skin because of the smooth and stretchy fabric. The lightweight panty makes you feel you haven’t worn one. Plus, you don’t need to worry about adjusting it all the time. Moreover, it has a long lifespan. While its tendency to run small is a problem, you can avoid this issue by buying one size bigger. Sewn-in crotch and minimal rear coverage make it comfortable wear.

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If you want underwear that rests comfortably within the cheeks, this is what you need. The seamless yoga thong from Alyce can survive long hours and also handles the dirt and sweat well. This is one of the best underwear you can buy for a pear-shaped body because it fulfills the standards of comfort, function, and fitness. Wearing it gives you a seamless look because of the circular knit fabrication while making your bum look more adorable. The delicate construction would need extra care and you should opt for handwash only to prevent seams from unraveling.

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Iris and Lilly created this beautiful thong with a touch of flirt and feminism. Don’t worry about the mesh material. It’s non-abrasive and doesn’t cause irritation to the skin. Although it sits low on your pear-shaped body, it’s comfortable and has a good leg opening. The stretchy material lets it adjust and move with your body. The see-through part might feel dainty but it doesn’t fall apart, thanks to the wonderful construction. Also, the high-quality material prevents shrinkage when you wash the thong. Go for delicate washing and use low heat for drying to retain its quality for a long.

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With a colorful and intimate design, it offers you unique options of the best underwear for pear-shaped. Hipster is a great choice for you if you want to have exciting colors and styles in your wardrobe. It prevents wedging while giving full coverage to your buts. The Jockey Elance Hipster is available in a pack of 3 assorted styles. You will get front and rear coverage in styles of floral, pastel, mosaic, and light/dark shades. With this colorful collection, you will feel beautiful even if you are wearing them under your dresses.

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How functional should lingerie be? The hipster panty brings in more benefits than wearing regular underwear. It comes with a spandex waistband for trimming down your muffin top. This tummy compressing feature makes you appear more beautiful and in shape. Besides the function, it also adds glam with a soft and light fashionable lace on the waistband. In addition, the high side wings prevent it from getting wedgies. You can find a suitable set of colors with different 3-pack options of this lingerie made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

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If you don’t want a big waistband, you can buy these underwear. It has a thinner waistband to suit you better. In addition, the pull-on closure prevents you from the hassles of pulling the brief down and up for your washroom breaks. The underwear is made of 100% cotton and features a special cut and sew to make you feel comfortable throughout the day. Although thin, the waistband firmly hugs your waist without getting folded even after intense movements. This is a wonderful option of intimate lingerie for women with pear-shaped bodies. Another great thing about this underwear is the cotton crotch that keeps your genitals dry and refreshed. Pick your favorite shades from packs of assorted colors including prints and solids to match your outfits.

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What is the Best Underwear Style for Pear Shaped Body?

You might have seen numerous panty styles and shapes, out of which, not all will suit your body. For a pear-shaped body, these are the best underwear styles.

  • Shapewear is a great choice as these body-shaping garments minimize the size around your bums, hips, waist, and tummy.
  • Regular or Hipster Briefs are good alternatives as they smooth the curves without making your buttocks appear bigger.
  • You can also choose high-cut briefs as they slim down the legs, thighs, and bums to compensate for the sleeker top part of your body.

To conclude, knowing your body type, suitable styles, and the right choices can help you choose the best underwear for pear-shaped bodies.

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