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Biden vs. Trump – Joe Leads Polls after the First Presidential Debate

After the vicious debate, various polls by NBC, RealClear Politics, and FiveThirtyEight suggest Bidden gaining grounds against President Trump

Ever since Joe Biden has stood against President Donald Trump for this year’s elections, the former has, for the first time, came into a debate ahead of the latter. If, in any way, national polls and the reaction of voters are going to be accurate, Biden will hold a strong lead even after the face-off.

Here’s a glance at reports from the national polling trackers:

  • National polling average by NBC News reports Biden leading Trump by 7.9 points. This poll takes in data from 10 most recent public opinion polls and provides their underweighted average.
  • General election polling average by the RealClear Politics stated that Biden would have a lead of 6.6 points over Trump.
  • National polling tracker of FiveThirtyEight reported Biden to lead Trump by 7.6 points.

After the debate show Tuesday night, Biden topped the result of three polls asking people to vote for the winner. However, dismal reviews from the moderator, commentators, and the respondents about the contest might have caused some voters to change their minds.

Poll by CNBC

CNBC also conducted a Change Research Poll that started Tuesday night and ended on Wednesday. According to this one, 53% voted in favour of Biden for doing a better job while 29% favoured Trump in the debate. Besides, 45% voted for Trump’s performance to be worse than expected. The percentage for Biden for the same stood at 11%.

When asked about whether the debate led to a change of vote, only 2 % voted in yes.

The Debate

The first face-off between the current President and the strongest contender went vicious. While the candidates used personal attacks and incessant interruptions, the moderator also contributed with exasperation. Reacting to this, most voters (77%) stated that they didn’t get the proud feeling of being Americans during the debate.

In a conversation with New York Times, the moderator Chris Wallace from Fox News said, “I’m just sad with the way last night turned out.”

However, despite this response, the majority of CNBC poll’s respondents shared their willingness to see more such debates. And this is just the start. There are two presidential debates already scheduled in the future, with Miami to be the venue for the next one on October 15.

Keeping in light how Tuesday’s debate went, the Commission of Presidential Debates announced about changing the rules.

Trump, as well as his camp, has already declared himself as the winner of the debate. Although Biden is gaining ground against the President at the national level.

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