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Best Merino Wool Underwear for Women

Merino wool is considered much finer and thinner than normal wool, in case you might be wondering why we are discussing underwear made of wool? I know, thinking about wearing something made of wool around your crotch area seems pretty uncomfortable, but this isn’t the case with merino wool. As told earlier, merino wool is very thin, so thin that you won’t even believe you are actually wearing wool. Various types of undergarments are being manufactured with this wool for their amazing features such as merino wool boxer briefs, hiking underwear etc.

Merino Wool Underwear are best suited for hiking and travelling because of their moisture wicking property. I am pretty sure you don’t want to be locked up in sweat down in your pubic area while completing that hike. Merino Wool underwear for women have other properties of insulation, temperature regulation, elasticity and breathability, also providing exceptional comfort and protection in the outdoors, so you won’t have to pack much for your hiking and one or two pairs of merino wool underwear can be more than enough with quick drying feature. Merino wool hiking underwear are unique because they can absorb odor caused by sweat and bacteria, trapping smell and keeping you fresh down there for a very long period of time.

Also, merino wool boxer briefs are super comfy, soft and stretchable, so you can layer them under your workout outfit, office wear and even under your PJs. And ladies, trust me, the fabric is so thin, that once you start wearing merino wool underwear there is no going back. I have researched and compiled a list of Best Merino Wool Underwear for women, so that you can just read the reviews online and order in one click.

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Here is the list of Best Merino Wool Underwear for Women, that our editorial team recommending you to purchase

Here is the list of Best Merino Wool Underwear for Women, that our editorial team recommending you to purchase

Let’s have a look at Best Merino Wool Underwear for Women

Icebreaker Merino Women’s Underwear

Manufactured with composition of merino wool and  nylon as fabric, Icebreaker underwear features added strength, durability and next to skin softness. Available in sizes S to Xl with cute pastel shades, this is the perfect underwear for women for daily wear, travelling, workouts, hiking, camping or any other sweaty activity. The fabric allows stretchability and a slim fit look is added for all day comfort. You can layer this underwear under your leggings for a seamless look. A touch of lycra is also added for shape retention feature. Investing in this underwear would be a great deal.

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Woolly Women’s Merino Wool Thong Brief

Made with 95% Merino wool, this underwear is priced at $24 on amazon. Advanced ultralock technology features flatlock seams, tagless interior and stretchy fabric. Moisture wicking and odor resistance are the pro features of woolly merino wool underwear. And the best part is they are also itch free, so after a long hike or workout you won’t feel the urge to scratch down your crotch, this underwear will save you from that embarrassing moment. And if you are someone who feels complex about bad odor down there, don’t worry, you can throw your deodorant because once you start wearing these merino wool odor resistant undies you won’t need that deodorant. This underwear will keep you warm in winters and cool in summers. Wow, so many benefits in one underwear, this is a must buy. 

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Naturwool Women’s Merino Wool Boxer Briefs

Priced at $24, Naturwool Women’s Briefs are manufactured with 95% Merino Wool. Brand claims them to be breathable anti-odor briefs. These briefs are really lightweight and stretchy with a slim fit. Perfect for literally any workout, hiking, they have elastic waist and leg opening, so that you can layer them under skirts also. Durable merino wool fabric provides versatile comfort, breathability and next to skin softness. Wait until you hear the fabric is totally renewable and recyclable. Investing in these underwear would benefit you, your style, your comfort as well as the climate.

Sandra D. on amazon reviewed these underwear as “ Almost perfect”.

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Metarino 2 pack Women’s Athletic Merino Wool Briefs

These low rise merino wool thongs by Metarino are made with 83% merino wool, with size options from S to Xl. This super soft underwear is skin friendly, smooth-silky, breathable, lightweight, comfy and ideal for wearing throughout the year. You will have no complaints of binding and piling near the crotch area, once you try this soft underwear. These are specifically designed for active workouts, running, yoga because they wick moisture and odor easily, but nevertheless can be layered under casual dresses too. Rated 4.5 stars on amazon, these underwear are a must buy.

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Jaunylis Merino Wool Extended Underpants

Made with 100% wool, these underpants are perfect for you if you are someone who struggles in finding  absolute warm underwear for layering under skirts and dresses. This underpant is thin yet really warm available in sizes ranging from S to L. They are odor resistant, smooth and comfy for even just lounging at home. Priced at $ 35-38 on amazon, they can be added to your comfy lingerie collection.

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Smartwool Seamless Bikini  Briefs

This seamlessly built merino wool underwear is manufactured with enhanced technology for next to skin comfort. It is so thin that you won’t even feel you are wearing wool underwear. It features temperature regulating fabric that keeps you fresh throughout your activities and absorbs any moisture and odor that might make you uncomfortable during your hikes. Mesh knit construction helps provide stretch, mobility,comfort and all that you want from a perfect underwear. Priced at 32$ on amazon, this is a budget friendly option for comfortable yet stylish merino wool underwear. 

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Stoic Merino Performance Boxer

Brand Stoic believes that it’s the underwear we can’t see that can have the biggest impact on our day and activities. If you are someone who goes on hikes regularly or workout quite often, sweating can be a major issue for you. This underwear is entirely made to tackle the issue. Made with a lightweight merino wool blend that resists odor, wicks moisture and dries quickly, this boxer helps you focus on the activities without letting you worry about the sweat and odor. Priced at $17, this merino wool boxer is available in sizes Xs to L  in colors gray and black.

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This was a list of some of the best merino wool underwear that are suitable for hiking, travelling, jogging, and workout with their moisture wicking and odor resistant properties. Ladies, However, there are some important points to keep in  mind before you invest in any merino wool underwear.

  • Select the style as per your need and body type

Some of you might be a fan of thongs, while others could love briefs equally as much. It should totally be your choice and comfort that should matter before choosing which type of merino wool underwear to go with. For different occasions and body types, varieties of underwear are available such as if you want a slim fit look at the waist area, high waist hipsters are the perfect option and for layering under a skirt boxer briefs work wonders.

  • Opt tagless, seamless and stretchy underwear 

If comfort during hiking and workouts is your priority, go for tagless, seamless and stretchy underwear without a second thought. I am sure those scratchy tags absolutely irritate your skin and leave you itching down there all day. Getting rid of them and opting for tagless can surely be a good idea. Stretchy fabric provides extra support whereas seamless feature prevents chafing and binding of fabric around crotch.

Keep these points in mind before hunting for merino wool underwear, and you are good to enjoy your weekend hikes.

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