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5 Simple ways to enhance Nude Lip Shades

Nude lip shades are on the  top of the list of trending lipsticks this season. Mastering a neutral lip colour is a simple yet adventurous task. It’s all about choosing the right shade according to your skin tone, and choice of dress. From the lightest of pinks to beige to mocha, nude-toned lips can be quite flattering when coupled with the right tips to carry it. 

Every girl loves the nude lips shades and trust me, they sure look gorgeous on each one of you, but sometimes you may look washed out and switching to red or pink shade could be the only option left. If this is you, take a look at these pro tips to rock a nude lipstick.

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Suitable shade according to Skin Tone

Finding  the shade that describes your skin tone actually enhances the beauty of the color. If you have a neutral skin tone a beige or coral brown shade will look great on you. Similarly, for warmer skin tones, opting chocolate, rust or cinnamon shades can be a fabulous choice. Brown shades suit better on warmer skin tones whereas anything in peachy nudes is great for fair to medium skin tone.

Concealer for Pop Up Look

Always start with a concealer,make your nude lip shade pop. Choose a concealer similar to your natural lip colour, that can tone down your lip colour and provide an even texture to your lips. Moisturizing your lips well and dabing  some concealer with your fingertips before applying nude lip shade can rock the look.

Lip Liner Is BFF

Never forget to shape your lips with a liner before applying your lipstick,to rock your nude lipstick. Make lip liner your lip’s BFF. It will make your lips look more defined. Choose a lip liner of the same shade or a shade darker than your lip shade for an enhanced and sleek look.

Complimentary Eye Makeup

Nude lips and dramatic eyes are the best combination, especially if you can carry smokey eyes. Your nude lip shade will look even more gorgeous if paired with right dark eye makeup and trust me, you won’t stop flaunting the look.  A dark kohl eye look, smokey eyes, or a simple cat eye look go best with neutral lipstick shades. Try creating a look with a dark black eyeliner, if you are not fond of smokey eyes and yes, don’t forget to use a full volume mascara.

Define Cheeks With Bronzer

Go for a bronzer shade and avoid using red or peachy blush on your cheeks. Adding a flattering skin tone bronzer will enhance your lip shade. If blush is an essential for you, you can opt for a light pink or peach blush along with the bronzer.

Some Other Points to keep in mind:

  • Use a makeup fixer/spray
  • Use lip balm frequently for clean look
  • Cream blush work better than powder one
  • Always exfoliate your lips
  • Avoid frosty finish

Let’s start the lipstick shopping hunt now with these amazing tips and techniques. Rock the look, ladies.

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