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Tips to Keep Skin Healthy After Pregnancy

The only not-so-good news about the pregnancy is the changes in the body. To bring a new life into the world, a woman goes through a lot of psychological and physical changes. Your hair and skin health, in particular, go through immense changes in that period. Getting back your normal skin only seems like a dream. But none of these changes is permanent.

These changes are mainly related to the surge of female hormones, estrogen, and progesterone in skin pigments, blood vessels, glands, and the immune system.

Once your baby arrives, you will be running short of time on most days with barely any time left for yourself. Our own life turns upside down. No doubt that going through this phase is a true roller-coaster of hormones and the stress of becoming a new parent could easily leave your skin looking dull, dry, torn-out, and pigmented.

Few pregnant ladies have what we call the ‘glow of pregnancy’ others have the worst acne breakouts of their lives.

Skin darkening or acne breakouts post-delivery is very common and by following a healthy lifestyle one can get the baby-glow back. Skincare after pregnancy often takes a back seat as your little one becomes your center of attention, but little attention to yourself along the newborn can still save your skin.

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So, let’s discuss the very common issues a woman faces after pregnancy.


Due to hormonal changes, the skin faces issues like pigmentation. The best solution to keep them under control is to stay away from the sun and prevent the skin from further damage. And in case you have to step out in the sun, apply a good amount of sunscreen or cover yourself up with a scarf. And even if staying indoors, applying sunscreen with SPF 15 is necessary. While stepping out use an SPF 30 sunscreen lotion.

Stretch Marks

The majority of women face stretch marks. So, when your tummy starts growing start using oil-rich with Vitamin-E or anti-stretch-marks cream. Ask your doctor to recommend a good stretch marks cream. Exfoliate often to remove dead skin cells and drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated.


High progesterone levels can cause the skin to become excessively oily, thus resulting in acne breakouts. Develop the habit of using a face cleanser right from the onset of pregnancy and continue using it after delivery. To acquire acne before and after is a basic thing, but using a cleanser twice a day will help reduce and prevent further acne. Use an oil-free moisturizer in the morning and at the night on the skin.


Water is the solution to most of our problems and it is also the most underrated. We focus on other things and forget to keep ourselves self-hydrated which is the root cause of problems.

You might be making sure to use every product to keep the skin supple, it is essential you also stock on the necessary water content of the body. Drinking lots of water will keep the skin hydrated, bring back the glow after removing the impurities, and will also keep the stomach cool from inside. So, drink plenty of water.

Healthy Eating and Exercising

A healthy diet will help in bringing a new mother’s skin back to normal. You must eat balanced nutritionist-filled food to keep up your energy level. You can consult your doctor and ask them to make a diet chart. The right food consumption will help build your immune system from inside, the right exercise or yoga will keep your body active and circulating blood.

Consume iron leafy vegetables for good skin, taking short naps along with the baby, and using an under-eye cream before going to sleep to combat puffy eyes and dark circles are few other beauty tips to follow.

The skin care tips mentioned above may not give you instant results but have proven to be effective over a period of time. These tips coupled with a good diet and plenty of rest will help you to overcome post-pregnancy skin ailments without any hassle. Enjoy your new role as a mother, but do not forget to love yourself too.

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