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Show Your Emotions with Top 10 Small Meaningful Tattoos and Ideas

Small meaningful tattoos do look cute, don’t they?
Especially the ones which are minimal but carry a significant meaning. Each one of those small tattoo designs has something personal or a considerable meaning attached to it. Those significant meanings could be anything like – their past, their plans, the things they love, or something which means a lot to them.
Here we present you top 10 awesome small tattoo ideas to experiment with:

Ottati Bird Tattoo
This tattoo signifies hope, new love, and freedom. One can tattoo this type of bird for good luck or protection because they also showcase strength, agility, and good intentions. Willing to get this but not entirely sure? You can try the temporary one from the link given below:

Oottati Small Cute Temporary Tattoo Black Bird

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Key Tattoos – Small Meaningful Tattoos for Opportunities
Keys open doors. And getting one printed on your body signifies that you are willing to explore gates to something new. Besides, other meanings can be a mystery or freedom. It can also indicate a sense of purpose, opportunity, imprisonment, imagination, possibility, secretiveness, and ownership.
Everyone will have a different meaning to their key. Get yours now:

Key Tattoo Stickers Waterproof For Men Women

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Dream Catcher Tattoo
This one indicates a happy person with an optimistic mind and dreams. This dream catcher’s main idea is that the happy, hopeful dreams will get through the net and the nightmares will become ensnared.
So, if you have a visionary mind and like to show off, this sheet of Dream catcher tattoos is a perfect pick for you.

COKOHAPPY 12 Sheets Temporary Tattoos Dream Catcher Tattoos for Girls Women

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Phoenix Tattoo
This tattoo replicates a bird that tends to recycle its own life. On reaching its impending death, the Phoenix can turn itself into the fire and grow from that again. For people having strength and courage to start from scratch even after failing multiple times, this is the best pick.
Get yourself a reminder that you can rise above ashes and make yourself more potent with this phoenix tattoo.

Product: Phoenix Temporary Fake Tattoo Sticker

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Lotus Tattoo
Lotus tattoo has great significance. It grows from the mud up into the light towards the pond’s surface. This flower represents spiritual awakening, divine power, and purity of mind, body, and spirit.

Product: SanerLian Waterproof Temporary Fake Tattoo Stickers

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Moon Phases – Cool Small Tattoos
Moon phase tattoo defines different phases of moons affected by the nightlife. While the moon symbolizes feminine power, dreams, intuition, and fertility, these small tattoos for women can help you show power.

SanerLian Set of 5 Waterproof Temporary Fake Tattoo Stickers

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Heart Tattoo
A small heart adds elegance and beauty when used as a tattoo. It symbolizes love, feelings, friendship, relationships, and loyalty. Let others see your loyal personality with this cute, heart-shaped tattoo.

Oottati Small Cute Temporary Tattoo Finger Crown Spades Red Hearts

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A semicolon, one of the best small tattoos for men with meaning, denotes an eternal sentence, representing life. Carry this sign that life will start again as many celebrities do.

Semicolon Temporary Tattoo, Semicolon Tattoo, Set of 2

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Faith Love Hope Tattoo – Small Meaningful Tattoos
This consists of the three most important small meaningful tattoos, including hope, love, and faith. If you feel down in life, this tattoo on your skin will lift you up.
Get this symbol of hope and faith in God today.

Faith Love Hope Temporary Fake Tattoo Sticker

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Infinity Tattoo
Infinity tattoo defines limitless and never-ending possibilities in life. Being the most admired one, you can get this tattoo to denote feelings like love, emotions, or even endless opportunities.

Mini Tattoos 2 Sheets Anchor Heart Bird Eight Infinity Lines Cartoon Tattoos

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Which one of these small meaningful tattoos for women and men are you going to get inked? Is there anything else on your mind? Do share your tattoo journey with us.

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