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Serious Side-Effects of High-Heels

Are you in love with high heels? Do you feel your outfit is incomplete without sky-high stilettos? Every woman has at least one pair of high heels in her shoe closet. Though, high heels aren’t considered to be the most comfortable shoes. However, are you aware of the serious health risks associated with wearing high heels? High heels can often cause long-term damage to you.

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Here are some hard truths you need to be aware of.

Foot Pain

High heels have certain shapes and designs that look stylish but they are extremely uncomfortable to wear. You will most likely suffer pain in your feet if you wear them all day long. You may get a sharp or throbbing pain in your sole, toes, arch, or heel.

Knee Pain

The inconvenient curve of your legs when you wear high heels puts a lot of pressure on your knee joints. Over time, it may make osteoarthritis conditions worse.

Back Pain

We know heels are sexy and give you a chic look but comfort and stilettos cannot go together. High heels do not give proper support to your feet and cause an unequal distribution of your weight on your legs which may lead to inflammation, soreness, and pain in the lower back.

Sore Calves

Those who wear high helps often complain of sore calf muscles. Wearing high heels can lead to swelling in the veins of your calf muscles. They are extremely painful and can make your toned legs flabby.

Blockage of Blood Vessels

As high-heels help in appearing taller, these shoes squeeze your feet into an uncomfortable position. This is certainly not natural in any way. The stress that they put on your feet can result in blockage of blood vessels, and in extreme cases, they can even cause them to break.

Ankle Sprains

While wearing flats, your weight is spread evenly between the ball of your foot and the heel, with very limited pressure on your ankle. Unfortunately, heels cause an imbalance between the heel and the ball, and the ankle is forced to become the fulcrum for your entire body. High heels put you at the risk of dealing with ankle sprains. You may not always get an even surface to walk with your high heels. You never know when you find bumps or potholes and you get your ankle sprained! A bad fall can cause bruised elbows, broken ankles, and injury to your knees. So, be extremely careful, and wear them only when absolutely necessary.

Crooked Feet

One of the serious side effects of wearing high heels is getting a “hammertoe”. Your foot’s unnatural position for long hours leads to a strain on the calves, blood vessels, and back. This leads to a deformity of the foot, called “hammertoe”.

Now you know how a stylish accessory can take a toll on your health. We hope that reading about these side effects of wearing high heels will make you think twice before slipping into them every other day.

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