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New Diversity Rules for Oscars are a Disgrace, Says Kirstie Alley

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences believes this step to infuse an essential, long-lasting change.

Academy Awards are getting a new set of rules to fill the filmmaking industry’s gap of diversity and inclusion.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences announced updated eligibility requirements on Tuesday. The new inclusion standards are a part of the ‘Academy Aperture 2025’ initiative, and top contenders need to meet these. According to the new guidelines, a film needs to meet at least two out of four requirements:

  • Audience development
  • Industry access and opportunities
  • Creative leadership and project team
  • Themes and narratives, and on-screen representation

According to a statement from the Academy, “We believe these inclusion standards will be a catalyst for long-lasting, essential change in our industry.”

Kirstie Alley’s Reaction to the Changes

Kirstie Alley is a spokesmodel and an American actress, known for her roles in ‘Veronica’s Closet’ and ‘Cheers.’ She raised voice against the updated rules through a Twitter post, according to which this step is a disgrace.

As per Kirstie, the new inclusion standards come as a dishonor to the artists across the world. Mentioning Picasso and asking if anyone can ask him about what to include in his paintings, she pointed theAcademy’s intent to control artists as well as individual thoughts. However, she deleted this tweet later.

Next, she stated about her 40 years of relationship with the motion picture academy. She added theAcademy’s uncontrolled approach to celebrating the freedom of expression through movies. And that the new rules are against the artists and are dictatorial.

Alley feels that inclusion and diversity should be a part of the learning curriculum. These should be taught genuinely and naturally to make them the second nature of every child.

Reactions to Alley’s Voice

An earlier Oscar nominee and a member of Academy’s Board of Governors, Ava Duvernay showed his side with a meme. He commented with a meme of Denzel Washington, an Oscar winner, wherein she slams close the door.

This followed another Twitter user who took a tool on Kristy’s career. The user mentioned that this change wouldn’t impact you, provided your career, or a lack of one.

Another user criticized Alley’s reaction by stating that she shouldn’t worry as this little change won’t keep the Oscar statue from her mantle.

Implementation of the New Rules

The Academy has announced the new rules to be a requirement, starting with the 96th Academy Awards in 2024. David Hudson (CEO) and David Rubin (President) also stated this. According to them, there’s a need to widen the aperture and include a reflection of population diversity. They pointed to the Academy’s commitment to including both the creators and the audience in this aperture.

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