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Latest Updates on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Exit

After announcing their bombshell decision of stepping down as the royal family’s senior members for financial independence, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have shared new details.

An agreement has been finalized between the couple and the Queen regarding the same. And, the process of the couple’s officially stepping down as royal seniors will begin March 31 as confirmed by a spokesperson. There will be no office held by Harry & Meghan at the Buckingham Palace after the exit. However, the foundation team of the UK Charity will continue representing them.

What’s Next!

Putting a light on their future planning, the spokesperson added that the couple will spend ample time in both North America and the UK. They are planning for several engagements in the United Kingdom as well as the Commonwealth for the coming year. In addition to closely working with these patronages, they will also be dedicating their time to meetings for establishing a separate non-profit organization. Though there have not been many details about this new organization and are likely to be out later. The only things known till now include the name “Sussex Royal” and their cause’s theme that will be the same.

Following the start of the exit process next month, a review will be done 12 months later. During the review, the agreement will be revisited by the royal family and verify if the arrangement works well for all the involved parties.

Will Harry Retain any Status?

During the first 12 months of review, Harry will retain the ranks of Squadron Leader, Lieutenant Commander, and Major. Though he won’t be using the honorary military positions, the same will be filled only after the review goes in favor.

Besides, the cloud’s still not clear about the use of the word “Royal” by the couple. While discussions are still going on the same, the decision will be revealed alongside the name of Harry and Meghan’s new organization that, presently, is using the word.

Apart from this, the couple will retain the ‘HRH’ styles but without using them actively. They will retain the titles of ‘The Duke and Duchess of Susses’, ‘The Baron and Baroness Kilkeel’, and ‘The Earl and Countess of Dumbarton’.

The Couple’s Future Engagements

For the upcoming months, the couple will be busy in various engagements in the UK. The prince, Harry will be accompanying Jon Bon Jovi on Feb 28 for attending ‘The Invictus Games Choir Visit’. And, he will be joining Lewis Hamilton, Formula One Driver for the ‘Silverstone Experience Opening’ on March 6.

On March 5, the pair is going to attend ‘Endeavour Fund Awards’ aimed at acknowledging the sick, injured, and wounded personnel as well as veterans who chose sports for recovery. On March 7, they will be visiting ‘Royal Albert Hall’ for the ‘Mountbatten Music Festival’. Meghan marking ‘International Women’s Day’ on March 8, attending the ‘Commonwealth Service’ at Westminster Abbey on March 9 and attending the London Marathon on April 26 are some of their other planned engagements.


While announcing the exit from the royal family, Harry and Meghan stated that they will be working for financial independence while continuing their full support to ‘Her Majesty, The Queen’

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