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How to Wear Men’s Accessories

Many men do not wish to wear accessories because they do not feel comfortable. There are a few tricks and tips that can help you in wearing accessories in the right way and look awesome. Experimenting helps you to grow and makes you learn what suits your style and personality.

We have discussed top men’s accessories before and now we will discuss how to wear those accessories.

Let’s get started.


1- Wrist Watches

There are different occasional watches for different occasions and for different outfits. You just cannot wear your Sports Watch with a formal suit and vice versa. Choosing the right option is very important.

Watch with simple leather strap and white dial, are the most formal watches. This style is ageless. And will look good on semi and informal wear.

  1. Sports Watches are specially designed for sportswear. They are water-resistant and can wear for swimming purposes. This type of watch shouldn’t be paired with formal outfits.
  2. Chrono Watches generally come in sports watch but some high-end brands are stylish enough that they can be worn with formal suits and that too depends on the look of the watch.
  3. Leather Watches look great with formal attires. Some metallic bands are also a great option for formal wear.

2- Bracelets

If you are wearing a casual or formal outfit, there is a perfect bracelet that fits your style and outfit. From leather bands to braided bands, to metallic chains to beaded bands, bracelets can up your wrist game.

  1. Metal Bracelets are the most popular bracelets among men. They look masculine.  Match the metal tone of the bracelet to your watch to get a clean look.
  2. Pair Leather Band with an oxidized cuff for some tough look. On the other hand, leather bracelets contrast well with watch dials and complement wrist.
  3. Beaded Bracelets are topmost favorite bracelets these days. They are colorful and add textures to the outfit. You can wear monochrome with your formal attires and colorful ones for other occasions.

3- Sunglasses

Sunglasses not just protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but also enhance your look.

The most classic sunglasses style “Wayfarer Sunglasses” is universal and timeless eyewear. Wayfarer can be paired with anything and you will never go wrong with it. If you do not into buying too many pairs of sunglasses then you can buy one good quality pair of a wayfarer.

Along with Wayfarer, Aviators are also got the same place as a Wayfarer. Both are universal and classic. They are versatile and can be paired with a suit.

4- Belts

Belts can make or break your outfit. They are the simplest way to tell others how you can do a lot with small things.

Simple Leather Belts with nice buckles are the perfect choice for formal wear. Belt buckles have gone through a lot of changes from years.  They can simply be matched with your watch.

Woven and Fabric Belts are the other options for casual wear. They have the ability to give your outfit a clean and neat look. Fabric belt adds a pop of color to your overall look.

5- Suit Accessories

There are accessories that can take your suit game to a different level. Be it’s Pocket Squares, Ties, Bowties, Tie-Clips, Cufflinks.

  1. Pocket squares will add a dapper touch to your suit game. They will complement your suit just like Ties. Matching pocket square with the tie was the most popular way. Now, you do not have to match it with your tie.  Try colors and patterns to add a little texture.

It is difficult to complete your suit look without a Tie. Keeping the occasion in mind choose different colors, cut and patterns. For formal wear, black, white or a subtle color with minimal print is perfect.

2. Tie-Clips is the smallest accessory with the biggest impact. There isn’t any perfect occasion to wear a tie-clip. So, whenever you wear a tie, just add a clip to look well-dressed.

3. Cufflinks are also a very sophisticated choice to add a classy look to your shirt. There are endless choices available. You can wear it on any occasion but wearing it on formal events will be great.

We know men love wearing suits. Having a well-tailored and well-fitting suit is as important as being well-groomed and wearing the accessories in the right way.

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