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California’s Fire Season Could Go Worse with Powerful Winds Returning

The fire season in the state has already done more damage than usual this year, but it’s not over yet.

It seems like 2020 is here to make a unique mark on history. There has been a lot already happened this year, and this news coming from California adds more to it. The state is already hit by record-breaking heat waves, blazes, lightning storms, and low air quality. And the fire season could get worse after powerful winds return.

The Situation

Usually, California’s fire season does not hit until October, but this year the state has already suffered a 2 million acre burn. According to the records, this wildfire has surpassed the highest record of destroyed forest areas in 2018. The fire has also destroyed 65 structures, which includes 45 residents.

While nearly 14,000 fire-fighters are trying to contain 25 major wildfires, powerful winds on Tuesday could worsen the situation. Santa Ana winds between the ranges of 25 to 35 mph were forecasted in Southern California. The wind could blaze the fire at the foothills communities in the Angeles National Forest. Officials have declared a high alert for Monrovia, Arcadia, Bradbury, Sierra Madre, and Duarte areas and should be ready for sudden evacuation.

Diablo winds are forecasted in parts of northern California. Because of this, Pacific Gas & Electric will be shutting the power to many communities as a preventive measure. Already, more than 120,000 people were living without power as of Tuesday morning.

Forest Service officials have also announced on Monday that most of California “remains under the threat of unprecedented and dangerous fire conditions.” They have also temporarily shut down eight forests — the Angeles, San Bernardino, Los Padres, Cleveland, Stanislaus, Sierra, Sequoia, and Inyo. A regional forester has also stated that the fire conditions are worsening, and they don’t have enough resources to control it.

The Creek Fire in the Sierra Nevada is the worst. It has caused destruction in a large area of the town of Big Creek. It has also spread in the mountain communities and vacation destinations like Huntington and Shaver Lakes. The rescue attempts have been made in this area, and around 200 campers have been rescued by helicopters. Nearly 100 people were also rescued from Lake Edison, with approximately 65 people still waiting.

Analyzing the Wildfire Season

The wildfire season majorly depends on climate change and the amount of dry vegetation. It has been analyzed that global warming will have effects on the frequency of wildfires in California. North California had dry winters, and a fire season during July or August was predicted well in advance.

Besides, the smoke and ash from the wildfires have also deteriorated the air quality. Concerning this, the county health officer has advised people to take care of their health.

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