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Top 8 Bras for Sagging Breasts

Those who say age is just a number might not have given enough thought to physical changes with time. For women, one of the major changes they don’t love about their bodies is the sagging of breasts. Are you concerned about how it will impact your beauty and/or romantic life? Don’t worry! We have a solution for you to have a sigh of relief. While it’s normal for your breasts to sag, there are numerous solutions to retain that beauty. One of those solutions is wearing the right bras. And here, we will guide you through the top 8 bras for sagging breasts you can wear for the purpose.

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What are the Top Reasons for Sagging Breasts?

Age is a natural cause of sagging. It’s because breast ligaments start to stretch and skin starts losing elasticity. This promotes drooping of breasts. Besides, there are several other factors that you can likely control to reduce the impact of sagging with age, such as:

  • Breast Shape/Size: The bigger and narrower your breasts, the more are your chances they will give up to the gravity. However, smaller and rounder breasts will attract less sagging.
  • Sudden Change in Weight: When you go through a drastic loss or gain of weight, it indirectly impacts your breasts. Losing or gaining weight causes the skin to shrink or stretch and both are the reasons for sagging.
  • Genetics: That’s another significant cause of sagging breasts. So, if your mother’s breasts sagged earlier, you will likely go through the same.
  • Smoking: Smoking weakens skin elasticity and non-firm skin promotes sagging.
  • Pregnancy: It’s about the number of pregnancies you have. More the count, more will your skin stretch, and hence, higher chances of breasts drooping.
  • Improper Breast Support During Exercise: Without proper support, breasts will bounce freely causing the ligaments to stretch and weaken. This causes sagging as a result. That’s why you have seen sports bras getting more popular.

How to Find the Right Bra Size for Sagging Breasts

How to Find the Right Bra Size for Sagging Breasts?

Do you think wearing the wrong bra size causes sagging? If someone insists on this point, don’t agree. Choosing the right size will help your breasts appear rounder and perkier while preventing that saggy look. To find the right size, measure the band and cup size by using a measuring tape around the fullest chest part and area below the bust respectively. For sagging breasts, add a 2-inch gap to the band size.

How to Find the Right Bras for Sagging Breasts?

A supportive bra is the best solution for drooping breasts. And while choosing one, you should look for the following elements:

  • Extra Hooks: If you want your bra to provide extra strength, go for at least 3 hooks. And if you can find one with hooks on both horizontal and vertical sides, that’s better. You can also use the extra hook when the bra starts losing elasticity and your breasts require a tighter fit.
  • Avoid Buying Molded Cups: Molded cup bras aren’t good at providing the desired support to sagging breasts, especially for bigger ones.
  • Go for Soft Cups: Soft cups are good at covering and properly supporting the breasts. But there’s a catch. Find the ones with an underwire design. Those are good for sagging breasts as the drooping sisters can fit in the soft cups easily.
  • Side Support: What’s better than having a bra that makes your breasts appear perfect on sides too? Bras with side support serve as side shapers due to the extra lining present in the underarm area. The side support pushes your breast tissue towards the center, further preventing any loose hang.
  • Non-stretch Fabric: Even if the bra makes your breasts look good, they are still sagging inside. So, if you wear one with stretchable fabric, it might fall for the gravity along with your breasts. However, a sturdy material will support them against the gravitational pull.

Top 8 Bras for Sagging Breasts

Still wondering which bra would be perfect for your sagging breasts. Explore our curated list of top 8 bras for sagging breasts and choose your best.

This nylon/spandex bra features a full coverage lining. For comfortable wear, it has cushion straps that relieve your shoulders of the bra’s stress. In addition, its wicking fabric keeps you cool. And it doesn’t have any itchy tags. For the sagging breasts, the cups come with a magic ring design to provide the desired lift and support.

It gets its popularity from the TruSupport design that brings a 4-ways support system for the drooping pair. It comprises extra support on the back and sides, fuller cups, and a comfort strap. Get it in a floral jacquard print for a gorgeous appearance.

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This bra deserves a place on the list because of its construction and imported fabrics. The body is made of 84% nylon and 16% spandex while the cups are 81% polyester and 19% spandex. It features a seamless lining and a lifting petal pattern to provide the right support to your breasts. You also get supportive ultrasonic cups in the underwire design to prevent a saggy appearance.

Other features of the bra include a comfort cushion strap and plush-wrapped wires but it lacks padding. This bra is available in multiple color and size options.

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Another nylon/spandex bra is on the list. Have you wondered why all the bras on the list are made of this blend of materials? It relates to the non-stretchable fabric factor we mentioned earlier. The materials prevent the bras from stretching, hence providing the desired support to your breasts.

This one from Olga comes in an underwire design with features such as cups with partial-lace overlay and picot trims. It brings adjustable shoulder straps so you can wear them with comfort. In addition, the triple hook-and-eye closure adds extra support.

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Well! This one on the list of top 8 bras for sagging breasts doesn’t have spandex if you were looking for a change. It is made of 55% polyester with 35% nylon and 10% elastane. The full-cup underwire bra doesn’t only serve the breast supporting function but also makes you look gorgeous. Want to know how? Its cups have satin on the bottom halves and sheer embroidery on the top.

Other features include supportive side slings and adjustable straps. However, the straps are the restricted-stretch type for the right support. In addition, it comes with a double hook-and-eye closure.

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Probably one of the best ones in the range of full-coverage bras for sagging breasts. This one from Warner is again an underwire design with full coverage that prevents spillover. Featuring a hook-and-eye closure, the bra comes with adjustable straps so you can wear it according to your comfort.

Buy this for your drooping breasts and you will get the satin comfort wire system to avoid poking and digging. The bra is made of nylon and elastane materials. And did you know this? “Warner’s This Is Not a Bra” was also voted by the New York Magazine as the “Most Comfortable Bra.”

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Do you ever feel troubled by moisture and want to get rid of your bra often? Switch to this one and you will start feeling better. The one from Wingslove features an ultra-thin breathable fabric that comes with a moisture-wicking lining. Thus, it assures you of all-day comfort while the floral jacquard print makes you appear charming. It also takes care of the underarm bulge with extra cotton on the side coverage panels.

With no underwire and no padding, it smooths the sides and back with a seamless design. Also, the cushion straps prevent digging by releasing the pressure on your shoulders. This is an ideal solution for plus-size women too.

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Now, this one on the list brings you something different than the nylon bras. It has 50% polyamide, 40% polyester, and 10% elastane construction. It features the magic lift technology that comprises a cushion band for lifting, supporting, and shaping your bras without needing a wire. In addition, your breasts get the required comfort and coverage through the contoured cups.

Wide cushioned straps and hook-and-eye closure with 3 rows and 3 columns make it a perfect pick for your sagging breasts.

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The last on the list comes with 4-row padded hook-and-eye closure. The invisible, ultra-flat seams and semi-sheer, unlined cups make this bra a beautiful add-on for your wardrobe. The bra is designed in France and features double-lining on the tulle band too. It offers support and comfort with a leotard or U-shaped back that prevents the straps from anchoring to your shoulders.

The bra is available in two colors, namely black and foundation. And you can choose the right size for you from the list.

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Wrap Up

Which one are you going to pick to regain that confident, beautiful look? Don’t forget to keep the size and buying tips in mind before making your choice.

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