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Ant Anstead Breaks Silence – See How He Reacted on Christina’s Post?

While both are separating from their partners for the second time, Christina calls it a mutual decision. But Ant Anstead reacts differently.

Ant Anstead, British TV representer has opened up regarding his separation from his wife Christina Anstead, HGTV star.  Christina Anstead shared her feelings in a post on Instagram on Saturday regarding her breakup from Ant Anstead within two years of marriage. Later, Ant took it to Instagram to claim that it was Christina’s decision, not his.

Ant wrote that all those who understand him well know that he isn’t the one who likes sharing private matters publicly. He added a black and white picture of himself with Christina in this post. He also said that he chooses to remain silent while keeping hope and never wanted to leave her. In the end, he wishes for her decision to bring her happiness.

What did Christina write?

Christina wrote in her post that she and Ant had taken this difficult decision to separate. She also noted that they are grateful to each other as their children will remain their priority. Along with this caption, she uploaded a picture of both walking on a beach while holding hands.

A Glance at the Couple’s Journey

Christina, 37, and Ant, 41, are separating after almost two years of marriage. The famous couple married on 22 December 2018 and have a year old son. It is the 2nd time for the two famous TV personalities to have been separated.

From 2005 to 2017, Ant was married to Louise Anstead. The couple has two kids, 16 years old daughter, Amelie Rose Anstead, and 14 years old son, Archie Anstead. Christina was married to her “Flip or Flip” host named Tarek EI Moussa from 2009 to 2018. She had a son, Brayden James EI Moussa, 5, and daughter Taylor EI Moussa, 10.

After splitting with Ant Anstead, she shares her anxiety, saying that she never thought she would be divorced twice.

What she wrote in her caption is, “Sometimes vocation is bigger than projects. And, she never thought she would get a divorce alone twice. Another thing she mentioned that she never thought of having two baby dads, but sometimes things happen in life that we never think about.”

Besides, she also shed some light on her plans. Christina said that rather than getting stuck in the setbacks, she is the type who chooses to view the challenges as chances for growth. Although some may judge her and begin spreading rumors, most of the people support her. And that’s a part of the world where we all live.

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