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Top 5 Benefits of Rice Water For Skin

Today, rice water is gaining popularity as a skin treatment. It’s said to soothe and tone your skin and even improves different skin conditions.

Rice water contains substances known to help protect and repair your skin. Despite some real benefits, there are many claims about it that science hasn’t fully proven.

Rice water has been used in Asian beauty rituals for centuries; it is the secret behind complexion that is clear and glowing. Rice water is gentle, brimming with skin-healthy nutrients.

Many people use rice water for the skin either to improve its appearance or to ease conditions such as eczema. Some beauty companies claim rice water has anti-aging properties.

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Below we give you some skin benefits of rice water that will convince you to add it to your beauty regime.

Skin Brightening

The skin brightening enzymes present in rice water make it a key ingredient in Asian beauty rituals. It is known to fade dark spots, blemishes and brighten up the complexion for a clear and smooth texture.


A study evaluated the effects of a gel formulation containing rice water on human skin. It was found that rice water was loaded with antioxidants that could inhibit the activity of elastase. Thus, it could help maintain the elasticity of the skin and slow down the signs of aging.

Sun Damage Protection

Chemicals contained in rice have been shown to help protect the skin against the sun’s harmful UV Rays. A study revealed that it was an effective sunscreen when combined with other plant extracts. Many people find rice water extremely soothing on sunburned skin. It is used to treat mild sunburn symptoms like redness, itching, and inflammation.

Maintains Skin Barrier Health

Rice starch can be beneficial in repairing and maintaining the natural barrier of the skin. This can be helpful to prepare your skin to fight eternal aggressors and prevent issues like atopic dermatitis and protect against pollution damage. It also helps manage inflammation, rashes, and eczema.

Reduces Oily Skin

The starch-filled rice water has a toning and pore-tightening effect on oily skin, which helps to mattify and reduce extremely oily skin.

There are three different ways to make rice water home either by fermenting, soaking, or boiling.

Soaking is the easiest method. Run uncooked rice grains under a faucet until the water runs clear. Soak the clean rice in a bowl with water for about 30 minutes, while gently mixing and pressing down with your fingers. Strain the water and store

For Fermenting method, rinse the rice properly with water first. Then, place the rice into a glass bowl filled with water and soak for two days. This will trigger the natural fermentation process of rice. After two days, strain the rice and store it in a container.

In the boiling process, cook rice like you usually would for eating purposes. Then, strain the starchy water and transfer it to a glass bottle with the lid open. Let it cool down completely before putting the lid back on and refrigerating it.

While there is no concrete scientific evidence to prove the skin benefits of rice water, you can still give it a try, as it does not contain any harmful chemicals and suits all skin types.

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