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Fashion Designer Viktor and Rolf Showcased

Fashion designer Viktor and Rolf showcased the meme couture and some kitsch slogans in their collection on Paris Haute Couture 2019. They are making some strong fashion statements. Some designers aim to make fashion a statement and some statement aim to make a fashion.

The Duo showcased their spring-summer collection of 2019 featuring dramatic ruffles, puffed sleeves, tulle. Here are some dresses that made a head-turning statement at the Paris Haute Couture 2019.

  • When you don’t care what world says
  • When you literally do not listen to someone who doesn’t like your taste
  • Monday Mornings mood
  • When you just woke up and bae wants to capture your without make-up photo
  • Every girl’s thought
  • When irony is all you’ve got
  • The all we want
  • Ideal office attire
  • When your ex comes back and keeps on texting you
  • When you fake that you are on dieting
  • When you have nothing to wear
  • Two shots in and trust comes out
  • The only thing we want to tell to the people
  • When you find out that your crush has crush on someone else
  • All we want and we never get

Viktor and Rolf tried a different style with the statements we use on social media and according to them, they do not have particular meaning instead they tried to use the language used on social media to highlight their collection.

We liked the dramatic dresses in Haute Couture which was full of colors, drama and some bad-ass statements. Hope you all liked it as well.

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