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Top 5 Ridiculously Easy 5-Minute Braided Hairstyles

Braided looks are beautiful, easy to do, and provide a fancy look. Easy braided hairstyles are perfect when you want some casual and but fancy look at the same time.

And, you don’t always have to pay a visit to the salon every time you want a braided look. You can create the same even at home. A perfectly woven braid is beautiful, elegant, and, at the same time, highlights the facial features that draw compliments.

No worries, here are the top five types of braids that which you can create at home:

  1. French Braid:

People have been doing their hair into French braids since childhood. This is something that looks practical and is super easy to do. The best part about French braid hairstyles is that it suits all occasions. Well, the hairdo starts from the top of the head. Take the hair section from the top-center of the head, and separate the chunk of hair into three parts. Start making a traditional braid down till the ends, securing it with the hair tie or a section of the hair itself.

If you want to take this one level up, you can glam up your French Braid by adding clear glitter beads.

Tara Assorted Color Design 240 Pieces Plastic Beads 10×12 mm For Braid Hair For Girls

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2. Dutch Braids:

Dutch Braids are sexy and elegant at the same time. This look takes no time to be created. You need to part your hair into two and then brush back the hair. The look is simple, and it is the same as the French braiding with a bit of variance. Both the sectioned braids are to be done in a reverse manner to get the desired look.

Glam up your look by adding the Pigtail scrunches, which can define your look by making it more glamorous.

6Pcs Hair Scrunchies Bowknot Velvet Elastics Hair Bands

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3. Herringbone Braid:
These hairstyles with braiding hair provide a very girly and playful look. This is easy to make, and two sections are taken instead of 3. Taking two sections will make this stylish look easy-going, and it will work with every outfit.
Here’s how you can do it easily. Take the hair braiding tool and repeat the whole process accordingly.

 6 Pcs Hair Braiding Tool, S and Fishbone DIY Hair Styling Tool Kit

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4. Ponytail:
Braided ponytail styles can never go out of style and are famous braided hairstyles for short hair. It is one of the classics and can never go wrong when you want to look elegant. Ponytails have become the new fashion statements and, even some of the celebs are just known by this statement. Get the best glitter ponytail holder and make the best of it.

DEEKA Rhinestone Glitter Ponytail Holder Cuffs Elastic Hair Tie Band

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5. Waterfall Braids:
Waterfall braids are the new classic looks that one can pull off easily. The waterfalls braids are like waterfalls loose from one side and braided from the other side. The braided side is to be done similarly to French braid hairstyles, and this makes the whole process easy for the updo.
Do this updo of braids with curly hair using this waterfall braid maker and matched up with a girlish dress.

 Conair Waterfall Braid Maker

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