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2019 Fashion Trends

We all eagerly wait for the time when we get to know that what will be our new style statement in the New Year, what will be in trend, what styles we can play with.

So, girls, the time has come. Let’s check out how we are going to refresh our wardrobes.

Refresh Your Wardrobes – Latest Outfits for Women

  1. Layering– Layering clothes can be fun as well as disastrous. Layering can make any simple outfit look cool.  This time the fashion industry has come up with the idea of layer upon layer. You can wear 3-5 items, one upon one and guess what; still, you can pull it up. Balenciaga has layered almost 9 items at one time. Interesting!
  2. Neon and bright colors– Millennial Pink was the 2018 color trend and now neon and saturated colors are in high trend. The runway was full of Neon colors. From bright Yellow, eye-catching orange to punchy pinks. Neon colors are here to stay and definitely need your attention for a good fashion reason.
  3. Earthy colors– If you are someone who doesn’t like bold and bright colors, here is good news for you. Neutral colors will be in trend throughout the season. Be it earthy brown, beige, tan, etc. These colors will be year colors and will be seeing more this year.
  4. Bright plaids– Despite not being new in the fashion market they are not going anywhere. Plaids have come with some different design this time, as usual. You will be seeing plaids in brighter colors. They are classy and timeless.
  5. Feathers– Yes you read it right. Feathers are the biggest upcoming trend for the season. Marc Jacobs, Gucci unveiled this trend as the next biggest superstar in fashion.
  6. Capes again-Capes are not just for superheroes. You can also wear those desiring capes in 2019. The stylist told that flowing capes will be a major trend. Flowing capes will be seeing wearing over gowns to add a little drama. They are stylish and add more to your simple outfit.
  7. Tie-dye– The trend of the ’60s is back with a big bang. For sure this is going to be the hottest trend of the year. We saw it on the runway and embraced it a lot. They are not boring like your old tees, you will see them in different twirls of colors and in rainbow magic.
  8. Fringes– Fringes are quite popular over the past couple of years. They are still a part of 2019 and not going anywhere soon. You can rock your Fringe Jacket, Dress, Footwear this year also.
  9. Puffed shoulders– The old trend of puffy shoulders are back in town. Forget Bardot, you will see a lot of celebs wearing puffy shoulders and square necklines. You must have seen Kendall Jenner wearing a neon green top with a puffed sleeve and square neckline.
  10. Netty/crochetAlready dreaming about vacations? Crochet is back after a long time. Crochet will be paring with dresses, rompers and on your capes as well.
  11. Biker shorts again– The “It” street style trend is still here and is famous amongst our celebrities. It was famous in the ’80s and ’90s and now Kim Kardashian has brought it to street style. And designers are experimenting it wearing underneath a blazer to give it a chic look. 
  12. Oversized puffer jackets– It seems like 2019 has brought the word “extra “with it. Extra layers, extra bold, extra colorful, extra shiny, extra-large. So puffer jackets will be the next season’s big trend. They are totally different from your black puffer jacket from your wardrobe. If you are someone who is not into looking glass shaped every time, you can rock this look and feel comfortable at the same time.
  13. Cargo pants-Excitement level is going high. This beloved trend of cargo pants which is very comfy and yet stylish for many of the women like me who want no fuss dressing sometimes. 2019 will the year of all the old fashion trends to relive. We have mostly seen these pants in khaki colors, tan colors and in military prints. But on the runway, we have seen them in different colors which will bring new excitement to these pants.
  14. Faux fur-This material is not as costly as real fur and is animal-friendly. That’s why people prefer this over real fur. Many designers have ditched using real faux furs because they know that today’s generation knows what is right and what is not and on what they should spend their money. This made a big difference in the fashion industry and they found the alternate for things like faux furs.
  15. Bows-We saw bows on runways in collections. Bows were on dresses and on shoes as well. They are feminine and sweet. Let’s see how we will be seeing this trend in 2019.
  16. Ruffles –Ruffles made a comeback in 2018 and it is quite popular from then. It looks like our designer is obsessed with this trend and does not want it to leave early. Maybe want to play more with this trend and bring out the more and experiment more.
  17. Ruching-Love for ruching has not lost. They are going big in the upcoming time and it the high time to get a sexy ruching dress to rock a party look.

These styles will be part of this year’s fashion. Trends never end. This is just the start of the year. Let’s see what this year will bring to us.

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