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Tips to Keep Hair Frizz Free

We are certain you should think about whether it is truly possible to tame your frizzy hair, particularly during the rainy season? Also, the appropriate response is yes, it is very much possible! We have got you covered this rainy season with tips to assist you with taming your frizzy hair and make them manageable.

“It’s the humidity!” the well-known dialogue by Monica from the series ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’, we are sure is recalled by everybody wherein the scene Monica’s hair is everywhere a because of humidity. Additionally, we are sure that the greater part of you should be in total agreement as Monica was then and that is the reason we thought to help you out because we know a messy hair day can spoil everything.

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Assuming frizzy hair during the rainy season ruins your plans, stress not because we have you covered with the possible treatments you can do to keep your hair frizz-free at home, by yourself.

Reason for Frizziness in Hair

Frizzy hair is extremely normal in the rainy season and that is a direct result of humidity. During monsoon, the air is moist which dampens our hair and makes them frizzy and unmanageable. Likewise, this wetness prompts more dryness in your locks, aggravating this issue.

Things You Can Do to Fix Your Frizzy Hair

Things You Can Do to Fix Your Frizzy Hair

1. Don’t Let Your Hair Get Wet in the Rain

It looks very fun in films however actually, getting wet in the rain can mess up your hair. At the point when your hair gets wet, it will in general become drier and lose dampness. Likewise, assuming you get wet in rain, there are high odds of a scalp disease, which can additionally harm your hair. So, try not to get your hair wet in the rain.

2. Hair Mask is an Amazing Alternative to Fix the Frizz

Frizzy hair needs consistent protection from damage caused by rain. What’s more, nothing can be best than utilizing a characteristic hair mask to shield and guard your hair from any damages.

3. Using Good Hair Serums

Because of humidity, it becomes hard to deal with the air and it becomes frizzy. Consequently, monsoon hair care plays a fundamental part in better and shinier hair. Good serums will assist with safeguarding your hair from heat and add shine and volume simultaneously.

4. Great Hair Wash

There are three types of people- the people who wash their hair thrice per week, those who wash twice a week, and other people who keep hair wash days saved for Sundays. If you have a place with the last mentioned, your fundamentals aren’t right, old buddy. As an overall thumb rule, you should wash your hair to some extent two times every week, particularly in case it’s raining cats and dogs outside.  Remember not to avoid the conditioner – it will lock the frizz out and give your hair a smooth and sparkling look.

5. Hair Oil for Strengthening

Do you realize that amazing fuzzy feeling of a hug? That is actually how everything warm feels during the rain. This is the reason a decent scalp massage with oils is very important and appropriate to control the frizziness of hair. Oil isn’t only a decent solution for dry scalp, dandruff, and tingling yet it additionally treats damp and frizzy hair.

6. Drink Plenty of Water –

A large number of people neglect to drink water during the rain and the chilly climate; however, this is the point at which your body needs it the most. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink a lot of water.

7. Practice Good Eating Habits Even Food 

The rain makes us want more of those spicy, oily, and hot cuppa tea, yet these will just build hair issues. Avoid junk food and eat healthily. What goes inside you will appear on your hair. Your eating regimen ought to be plentiful in nutrients, proteins, zinc, iron, and minerals. Include leafy greens, salads, sprouts, and a wide range of seasonal fruits and vegetables in your eating routine.

With climate changes, come a few hair issues yet don’t allow them to get you down. We have a lot of answers for you. You don’t need to go anywhere else to discover an answer. With the right hair care schedule, you can give your hair the consideration that it needs during the rainy season.

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