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These 5 Movies Are the Reason that Christopher Nolan is the King of Direction

If you are a movie maniac then you must have heard of Christopher Nolan. Honored as one of the biggest creative minds, he has managed to impress his audience and the entire new generation of filmmakers. Unmatched style of making the film, complicated plot, amazing execution, and great performances by the renowned actors, the world has seen his profound direction skills.

Christopher Nolan is undoubted one of the most inventive filmmakers in this era. With almost 34 Oscar nominations, 5 Academic Awards, 5 British Academic Awards, and 5 Golden Globe Awards, Nolan has directed 11 full-length feature films and almost all of them have gained both critical and commercial success. His unconventional approach in storytelling and way of handling subtle human emotions on screen makes his movie special.

So, let’s check out which are those movies that make him the king of directors.

1- Inception: With amazing special effects and an unbelievably fascinating story, Inception is one of those movies which you need to watch multiple times to understand completely. The word “inception” itself means creating or beginning something. The plot revolves around several scientific aspects of dreams, sharing dreams with others, the conflict between the worlds of dream and reality, and a lot more. But also, the way Nolan portrayed human emotions in this film, is truly mesmerizing.

2-The Prestige: This period drama was the adaptation of the novel with the same name.  Two friends – turned – rivals magicians involve in a battle of destroying each other and this leads both of them to some horrible consequences; the plot may sound simple but once you start watching the film, you’ll be just amazed by the unpredictable plot twists, breath-taking background music and brilliant performances from both Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. The film is full of suspense, thrill, and mysteries and the climax scene will leave you spellbound. It is Nolan’s most excellent work that it’s a picture that demands your attention and then earns that focus.

3-Interstellar: It is one of the finest sci-fi movies in the history of cinema. ‘Interstellar’ revolves around Cooper who along with some other scientists, is sent into outer space to find a habitable planet in some other galaxy. The film contains several interesting concepts of physics, but what makes ‘Interstellar’ so special is that the film is more about love than science. Matthew McConaughey as the protagonist is absolutely brilliant and Hans Zimmer’s spectacular background score adds extra charm to this film.

 4-Dunkirk: This movie is so well written and executed that it will leave you thinking about what exactly goes on Nolan’s mind all time. This film follows the events that happened in WWII. ‘Dunkirk’ tells the story of a mission to rescue Allied soldiers from Britain, Belgium, and France, who are surrounded by the German army, in the town of Dunkirk. Instead of focusing on a particular character; the film depicts the whole war situation and the political scenarios of WWII. The film won three Academy Awards, including Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Film Editing.

5-The Dark Knight: And thus a legend was born.

The Dark Knight was the masterpiece by the Nolan. Being the second instalment in the ‘Batman Trilogy’, this film revolves around the clash between Batman and his most terrifying rival, The Joker. The film explores more about the human psychology and philosophy, than about the cliché battle between good and evil. The film contains great writing, brilliant visuals, and top-notch performances, especially the immortal performance by Heath Ledger.

So, which is your favorite movie among these? Share your thoughts with us and do let us know if you want us to add any other of your favourite to the list.

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