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The Common Mistakes You Make That Damage Your Hairs

All of us are tremendously affectionate towards our hair. We tend to try every possible remedy we find online to quickly fix the hair damages or to make them look gorgeous.

A healthy head of hair can boost your confidence exponentially—but how much confidence do you have in your ability to actually keep your hair healthy? Hairs are very delicate. Once damage it is hard to fix them.

Today we unknowingly do too much damage to our hair. Harsh chemicals, blow drying, pollution, not oiling-these are the common factors of hair damage.

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We focus on making them look shiny and forget to give them the nourishment they need from within. Strength is the key to healthy hair.

Below mentioned are the most common mistakes that people make with their hair care practice!

Take a note, correct them immediately and you will see a visible difference in your hair!

Over Combing-

This is possibly the most common mistake we make to make hairs look shiny and manageable. Over combing can lead to hair loss as they tend to loosen the hairs from roots.

Using the Wrong Shampoo-

We all are so much fascinated with excessive foam shampoos. You may not be aware of the fact that most of the branded shampoos use harsh chemicals/detergents in the shampoos to create more foam. Using a shampoo that contains harmful chemicals ruins your hair more than you could ever imagine. Some shampoos contain chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, polysorbates, triclosan, etc that damage the natural health of your hair and end up making it frizzy and dull. They may give good results for some time but weakens the hairs within which will end up losing your hairs. So try to use mild organic shampoo and see the result.

Not Shampooing Enough/Shampooing Too Often-

Anything less or excessive is bad and it’s applied here also. Shampooing removes all the dirt, dead cells, and excess oil from your scalp and makes it look clean. So, if you do not shampoo even when your hairs are dirty, the dirt stays on your scalp and results in ruining the hair quality. Also, shampooing too frequently removes all the natural oils from your scalp and makes it look dull. For best results, use shampoo twice or thrice a week.

Washing Hair With Hot Water-

 This is another common mistake – taking a shower in hot water. When you wash hair with hot water, it removes the natural oils and moisture and leaves the scalp dry, and makes your hair look frizzy and dull. Always use lukewarm water in winters to wash your hair. Coldwater is suggested to wash hairs. Coldwater seals the moisture in your hair and leaves your scalp hydrated.

Rubbing Wet Hair With a Towel-

Women have a habit of wrapping a towel around and leave it on like that for long after a shower, the intention being to soak the water off. After taking a shower, most people rub their hair hard with a towel for drying. This breaks your hair and promotes hair fall. So, take a soft towel and gently pat-dry your wet hair.

Combing Wet Hair-

A comb is easier on fragile wet hair than a brush. If you comb your hair right after taking a shower, then you’re making it worse. Hair becomes very weak when they are wet, so combing wet hair breaks those hair and leads to hair loss. Always pat-dry your wet hair before combing it.

Not Oiling-

Iyou want healthy hair strands then providing them nourishment should be the priority. Oiling has to be one of the prime elements in your hair care regimen.

Oiling provides your hair much-needed nutrition and protects your hair from frizz, dryness, split ends, and damage. So if you’re one of those who think oiling is an unnecessary activity, then you are absolutely wrong. Oiling your hair is the antidote to most of your everyday-hair problems.

Using Chemical Products-

Chemicals! Yes, chemicals are the things you are here to save your hair. Chemicals are found everywhere. Almost all the biggie brands use harsh chemicals to earn more profits and fill their pockets without worrying about the health of consumers. The more you use hair gel, wax, or any other styling equipment on your hair, the more you’re ruining your hair health. Those products contain several harmful chemicals that damage your hair and lead to hair loss.

Not Taking Enough Water-

You may get surprised but water intake can solve most of your problems. I know it doesn’t sound like a hair care mistake but yes fellas this is one of the common mistakes we make. When your body does not have enough water it will get dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. So, start taking an ample amount of water to keep your hair scalp hydrated.

You do not need to hit saloon every time to fix the losing hairs. You can sit back at the start thinking about these several mistakes and how early you can avoid them to save your precious hairs.

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