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Reopening Colleges Likely Fueled Covid-19 Significantly

Students returning to their Colleges and Universities are causing the outbreak

The Mississippi University begins its fall semester almost 3 weeks ago, bringing students from around the United States back to Lafayette County. The university opened with the hope that its combination of online and in-person classes, mask-wearing, and other measures would be sufficient to protect against coronavirus.

As per the latest numbers, the Mississippi University has recorded more than 430 cases since August 24, which is the 1st day of class and has lots of housing for people exposed or infected to the coronavirus.

According to the analysis, the county has the highest coronavirus infection rate with 1053 cases per 100,000 people in past 2 weeks.

The rise in COVID-19 positive cases is due to students returning to the University, but the Oxford Mayor Robyn Tannehill said that the rise remains a concern. Tannehill last month said, 26 citizens who live in the local veterans’ home have died as they come in the connection of virus.

Stats from all Across the US

Among the country, the students of college increasing the outbreak of the virus became a major public health problem. 19 of the 25 hottest outbreaks in the country represent the communities with heavy college students.

In some college towns such as Pullman, students are not taking in-person classes, but are still crowding flats and local bars.

In Mississippi, the community saw how the behavior of lax students could spread the coronavirus. In the Oxford town, the June outbreak was connected to the Greek life retirement parties.

Katie Turner, who is a doctoral student said she feels a heightened sense of coronavirus agoraphobia mow when the undergraduate students are back in town.

The Oxford city has issued 60 citations from August to the people who break the guidelines of social distancing. Tannehill said most of the students are attempting to do the right thing. Perhaps, they are only underestimating the risk in big social gatherings.

The spreading nature of the COVID-19 is stretching the university’s capabilities to quarantine their students and stop the virus outbreak, leading to serious consequences.

In Bloomington, Indiana University, administrators quarantine the 3/4th of Greek Houses on campus and advised students to leave the remaining homes and find some new place to live.

At the Michigan University, on Tuesday, graduate students begin a strike that remained ongoing and refusing to teach undergrad students over the response of the University to the coronavirus.

And, after watching the huge rise in cases, Wisconsin University shifted to the online instruction for 2 weeks and quarantined 2 residence halls after asking the students to restrict their movement. The local health officials said they fear for infected students and counties or cities they live in.


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