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You should avoid sleeping on your stomach, Here’s Why!

Sleeping on your stomach can be very harmful to your overall health as it tends to ruin sleep quality and also leads to several health issues in no time.

Follow ahead if you don’t believe this!

Most people don’t usually care much about their sleeping position as it turns out. But as per experts, the side you sleep on is highly important for your sleep-wake cycle, mental and physical health overall. Sleeping on your stomach deteriorates your health to an extreme level. It might be comfortable to you and could reduce sleep apnea to some extent. But the potential drawbacks of stomach sleeping are highly contagious.

Below, I have compiled a list of the reasons why you should never sleep on your stomach.

Disturbs Neutral Alignment of Spine

Most of your weight is in the middle part of your body, when you sleep on your stomach. This tends to stretch your spine that makes it go out of its neutral alignment causing a severe strain through the spine, which may further cause stress and pain in several other parts of your body.

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Can cause Neck Pain

I am pretty sure almost everyone needs to turn their head to one side throughout the night, while sleeping on your stomach. This can cause your spine and head to go out of alignment. The severe stress on the muscles of your neck caused by stomach sleeping can lead to numerous critical neck problems in the long run. Herniated disk is another common neck problem among people who sleep on their stomachs regularly. A rupture of the gelatinous disk inside your spinal vertebrae causes the gel to leak out of the disk and irritate the nerves eventually causing the neck problem to increase with time.

Can Cause Back Pain

Sleeping on your stomach keeps your spine stay curved in a precarious position for long hours throughout the night. Also, stomach-sleeping is known to put additional pressure on your back muscles. This causes stress in your back, and the result is back pain.

Can Cause Skin Problems

When you are sleeping on your stomach, it puts pressure on one side of your face for a long time. This can compress your skin and lead to several issues including rashes, wrinkles, acne and more. Younger individuals have higher amounts of collagen in their skin thus this phenomenon is more evident in adults.

Use of a thin pillow and mattress specifically made for stomach-sleeping is suggested if you still want to sleep on your stomach.

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