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Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention Speech Highlights

Michelle Obama’s Impactful Speech against President Trump – Read Highlights

With COVID-19 changing things for all, the Democratic National Party was a no exception. Its convention started on Monday, and like many other departments, the event also took place over a video call. The conference happened for 2 hours every night instead of a 4-day event like it always did. And Michelle Obama, along with Senator Bernie Sanders, held the stage for the first night, delivering a passionate speech.

The Former First Lady’s Speech

In her speech, Michelle launched an extreme assault on President Trump while others on the democrat team saved their argument. Though, there hasn’t been historical evidence for the first lady to step out of her traditional decorum and attack the president. However, Michelle Obama did never fit quickly within the role and had been speaking her mind out, always.

In 2017, after leaving the White House, she became a global celebrity and an author. And polls have frequently mentioned her as one among the top the most praised American women.

And using her authorship skills, she made it to the most talked-about instants at the dominant platform. Her speech was mournful while talking about the country she had seen in desperate mode.

A part of her speech goes as, “If you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me they can; and they will if we don’t make a change in this election.” She also outlined the terrible stakes for election, mentioning Trump as not the right president choice.

The devastating assessment was conveyed in the night’s longest and the last speech. She also added that the President had sufficient time to prove himself, but that’s beyond his abilities.

Mrs. Obama stated the nation’s failure to perform well in terms of the policy as well as character. Talking about Mr. Biden, she mentioned him as an extremely decent man who knows how to rescue the economy, beat the coronavirus menace, and lead the country well.

Impact of Michelle’s Speech

In her speech, she requested Americans to follow the same voting suit as they did in 2012 and 2008. She subtly underlined her point by wearing the necklace, which spelled the ‘vote’ word. After the speech, her unique jewelry became a highly searched thing on the Internet, trending on Twitter with various reactions.

Support for Biden from the Republicans

There was a time when it was even unimaginable for a candidate from Republican Party like John Kasich to show up at the Democratic convention and gain votes against their current leader. On Monday night, the speech of former Ohio governor in support of Joe Biden, national Democratic nominee, underscored Donald Trump and his leadership.

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