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Differences between Body Lotion, Milk, Butter, Cream and Yogurt?

Even though winters have gone by now, it’s still important to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. We give a lot of attention to our faces but most of the time we forget to pay attention to our body. If you are also one of them, you need to take an oath that you will take care of all your skin whether it’s winter or summer.
Skincare products for the face are different from those for the rest of the body. The reason is that the face skin is different and the skin on the rest of the body is different. Facial skin is a lot thinner and more sensitive and needs different ingredients for its care.

We do take care of our hands and feet too but forget when the question comes to our body. There are a lot of products are available in the market but they are quite confusing.

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Differences between Body Lotion, Body Milk, Body Butter, Body Cream and Body Yogurt

So, the question is, what should you ideally use to take care of your skin? If you are confused about whether to opt for a body lotion, body butter, body cream, or body yogurt, we have got your back.

What is Body Lotion and Body Milk?

Body Lotion and Body Milk are quite similar. The difference between them is that body lotion contains more water content and body milk has higher oil content. The body lotion is best for normal skin type while body milk works best for drier skin. Body lotions feel light on the skin and have a semi-liquid consistency. It doesn’t penetrate deep into our skin, and so is meant for light moisturization.

What is Body Cream?

Cream products are thicker than lotions and thinner than butter. They are made up of oil and water. The main difference is the water-oil ratio. Body creams have a rich hydrating formula that is best suitable for dry skin. They reduce itch and skin flakes. They are not as hydrating as a body butter but still provide good hydration and moisturization.

What is Body Butter?

Body butter provides intense moisturization to the skin. They are made up of essential butter and carrier oil. They have a super thick consistency so they contain very less water content. They have a strong scent and last longer than cream and lotion. They also contain the essential fats and minerals that are extracts of natural ingredients. Shea butter, cocoa butter, mango seeds are some natural ingredients used in body butter. They take a while to be fully absorbed into the skin. Due to this, they’re more suitable for normal to extremely dry skin types.

What is Body Yogurt?

Body Yogurt is the latest buzzword in the beauty product market. Body yogurt is a kind of moisturizer that easily gets absorbed in the skin. They are made with bio-fermented hyaluronic acid which keeps the skin moisturized and keeps the rough, dry patches at bay. They consist of vegan product-vegetable-derived glycerine, almond milk, and fruit extracts. It has to be applied to damp skin. It is not generally very thick, greasy, or heavy and hence, suitable for normal to combination skin type.

What is the Difference between Body Lotion, Body Milk, Body Cream, Body Butter and body Yogurt?

The body lotion contains more water content while body milk has more oil content. Body Creams are made of both oil and water both. Body butter has carrier oil and essential butter while body yogurt contains different products such s glycerine, almond oil, and hyaluronic acid, etc.

Which is Better for Your Skin?

• Body Lotion has semi-liquid consistency and does not deep inside the skin so they are a good choice for normal to oily skin. They are only meant for light moisturization.
• Body Milk and Body Creams are almost like a body lotion but have more oil content in them and slightly thicker than the lotions. It is better for drier skin types.
• Body Butter is the thickest amongst all. Hence, provide deep moisturization. It doesn’t contain any water. It lasts longer than other lotions, creams, and body milk. They are good for normal to extremely dry skin.
• Body Yogurt is also used for moisturization. The main difference in yogurts is that they can be applied on damp skin and easily get absorbed. Yogurts work best for normal to combination skin type.

Body lotions, creams, and butter are types of moisturizers with various consistency and different ingredients. So pick the best item for your skin type depending on its necessities and the climatic conditions. When all is said in done, moisturizers turn out better for the summers, and butter and creams turn out best for the winters.

I hope I am able to clarify the difference between the body lotions, creams, butter, and yogurts and which one is for a specific skin type.

If you still have any questions then comment below or reach out on our e-mail and we would definitely resolve all of your queries.

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