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Coming To Netflix In 1st Dec To 8th Dec ( This Week): List Of Shows, Web Series & Movies

Netflix is releasing a lot of movies and web series on Netflix in the first week of December 2020, in the US. Several interesting movies and shows are going to stream on Netflix in this first week of December.

So if you are curious to know what to watch on Netflix in, US the first week of December 2020 , then check out this post.

Movies, Web series & Originals releasing to Netflix on Ist December in US

The Holiday Movies That Made Us (New Docuseries):

Retroactive documentary series looks at most popular and most beloved Christmas movies. It
describes how the movie was made. The docuseries takes an in-depth look at two most exemplary
holiday movies, Elf and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Unveil the real stories behind these iconic
Christmas blockbusters and behind the scenes peeks.

Movies, Web series & Originals releasing to Netflix on 2nd December in US

Alien Worlds (New Docuseries)

Alien Worlds series is from the United Kingdom. This documentary series will be focusing on the
origin of life outside the planet Earth. It applies the laws of life of earth to all galaxies blending
science fact and fiction to imagine the life of aliens on other planets.

Fierce (New Movie):

Fierce is a Polish movie releasing on Netflix. This movie goes around a young talented girl who is a
singer and takes part in a television talent show. She becomes an instant sensation on the popular
talent show. Her main aim is to earn the love of her father who happens to be a judge in that show.

Movies, Web series & Originals releasing to Netflix on 3rd December in US

Break (New Movie)

Break is a French movie. It is a romantic and feel-good movie about a dancer Lucie, who tries to
rediscover herself as a dancer after she met with a serious accident. She connects with a fellow
dancer who is still struggling with his own insecurities.

Just Another Christmas (New Movie)

Jorge has his own Groundhog Day but on Christmas Eve after having an accident. He wakes up a year
later and finds himself to relive the same day over and over again with no memories of the past. A
man, who hates holidays, is now stuck in the loop of waking up once a year during Christmas.
Eventually, he starts to learn what’s important and valuable in life.

Movies, Web series & Originals releasing to Netflix on 4th December in US

Big Mouth, Season 4

This adult comedy animated series revolves around two friends Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman
who are struggling with puberty issues. It focuses on growth, anxiety, discovering, changing
hormones, and accepting yourself. It will continue to explore human sexuality, sexual identities, and
love in all forms.

Christmas Crossfire (New Movie)

This German dark comedy and thriller movie is about a man who takes a trip during Christmas.
Christmas Crossfire is all about guns, murders, and a lot of suspense. It all starts when a guy goes out on a trip on Christmas with a girl he met. He foils an attempted murder and there happens a series
of events when he finds himself on the run from the would-be killers along with their target.

Leyla Everlasting (New Movie)

Leyla Everlasting is a Turkish Comedy about a resilient housewife and her husband who had a happy
marriage for years. With years the excitement in their marriage has gone and the husband falls into
love with their marriage therapist. This movie is filled with a humorous take on what seems to
become more of a reality in modern times.

Mank (New Movie)

Mank is a biopic which is filmed totally in black and white. Mank is a passion project. The Director’s
a snappy, sprawling drama about legendary Hollywood screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz and the
The creation of Citizen Kane was written by the director’s father, Jack, who died in 2003. A talky and fast-
paced movie Mank about a self-destructive writer and the people he ultimately decides to take
down with him.

Selena: The Series (New Series)

Selena is a biopic series based on the life of famous Mexican-American singer and songwriter Selena
Quintanilla. The show focuses on the childhood struggle of the singer. It is co-produced by her family
members. The series will show the struggles and sacrifices of Selena and her family members to
achieve their lifelong dreams.

A Week Away (New Movie)

Netflix original faith-based movie A Week Away is the first of its kind. A faith-based Christian
The musical movie focuses on Christian summer camp following a run-in with law enforcement that puts
a man at an important crossroad- go to juvenile detention or attend a Christian summer camp. By
choosing the summer camp he meets a girl who changes his life.

Movies, Web series & Originals releasing to Netflix on 5th December in US

Detention (New Series)

The horror Netflix series Detention is a Taiwanese video game with the same name. It was made
with the collaboration Taiwanese broadcaster Public Television Service. This is the first Mandarin
collaboration with Netflix. It revolves around a school student who encounters paranormal
activity. Later ghost discloses the hidden history and trauma, how a group of students and teachers
were persecuted as they fought for freedom in the era of censorship.

Movies, Web series & Originals releasing to Netflix on 8th December in US

Emicida: AmarElo- It’s All For Yesterday (New Documentary)

The musical documentary is about the making of Brazilian Rapper Emicida’s recent album AmarElo.
Between the scenes from his concerts in Sao Paulo’s Theatro Municipal, rapper and activist
celebrates the rich legacy of Black Brazilian culture.

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