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5 Skin care tips to manage Oily Skin

It is very difficult to get oily skin under control. Excess oil leads to acne, clogged pores, and blemishes. I also have been struggling to get clear skin because I also have oily skin and oily skin is more prone to acne and pimples, so sharing few other useful tricks that can help to keep skin look clean and clear. I have shared an oily skin regime in my previous post. Check it here to read it before going further if you have missed it anyway.

And now I am sharing other tricks which have been tried by me and if you religiously follow these, you will surely get the positive results.

1- Do not touch your face

How many times do you touch your face in a day? It’s apparently a lot. Touching face throughout the day will transfer dirt, bacteria, virus from your hands to your face which will help bacteria to spread. Touching worsen acne. If you are acne-prone, a touching face can lead to breakouts. So, ladies stop touching your face.

2- Use Clean Towel For Face

Always use a clean towel while drying out face. A clean towel will not spread bacteria and won’t produce more acne and pimples. Try to use a different towel for the face and body. The products you use on your body are not good if they end up on your face. They can clog pores, increase breakouts. Make sure to wash your towel or replace it with a fresh one every couple of days.

3- Change Pillow Cover More Often

Women spend hundreds of dollars per year on cosmetic products to get clear skin. But, do you ever realize how much time your face spends with your pillow cover. Your face may be in contact with your pillow cover for eight hours at least. This also transfers bacteria to your skin. When you use the same pillow cover for more nights, bacteria irritates your skin over and over again. By doing this you re-introduce these germs on your face. Change your pillow cover after one or two days.

4- Avoid Fried & Junk Food

It is true that Americans love deep-fried and junk food but the food actually affects the appearance of your skin.  How difficult it is for a foodie to keep themselves away from this type of food. These food items cause inflammation and lead to acne. If you can’t avoid then cut down the consumption as much as you can do.

5- Avoid Ketchup

Yes, you read it right. Ketchup can cause acne and pimples. Ketchup is made of tomatoes and the acidity of tomatoes raises the pH level in your body. It also contains vinegar and consuming too much amount of vinegar is not good for the skin. Even pickles also have vinegar in it. The more your consumer less amount of vinegar, the more you will get clear skin.

6- Mobile Phone

We are not going to say to stop using your mobile phone, But do you have any idea how many bacteria your cell phone holds? We don’t want to scare you but your cell phone probably has more germs than your toilet seat.

To keep your screen clean, give it a daily rubdown with an antibacterial wipe.

I have tried all these tips and it actually gave me the positive results. Sometimes small changes do wonders. Everyone has different skin so it can take time and things won’t happen in one or two days. Start adopting these tips and the result will be visible within a month.

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