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Top Handbags Ideas for Women in 2021

Women’s Handbags ideas are a necessity because you cannot leave home without a handbag. It stays with you all day long and then you match your handbag to your shoes– simply too boring! A handbag is like the icing on the cake that makes the whole look so appealing. Get it right, and you are the height of elegance, get it wrong, and you go unnoticed.

As a thumb rule, your handbag should carry across the main theme of your outfit, but it should not match identically in color or print because this causes clashes. Ideally, use it to pick out one or two colors that are played down in your clothes or shoes, or vice versa. Accessories like handbags are not only meant to store your stuff but also make you look well put together. If you are not sure about what handbag to carry with which outfit, these tips will help you look your best.

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Consider the Occasion

Consideration is the most important part of creating a complete look. Think about the occasion and the environment when selecting which handbag to carry. Small handbags are considered to be more formal and sophisticated. Larger bags are a better choice for casual events.

Bags for formal events-

Clutches and miniature bags are appropriate for formal events. They also provide elegance and sleekness and easily work with most formal outfits.

Bags for travel-

Crossbody slings, waist belt, and messenger bags are a great choice for travel. They have enough space and easily carry out your essentials and look sporty and cool.

Bags for shopping trips

Oversized totes look great for t-shirts, shorts, and casual shoes. Crossbody bags are also a great choice. Even duffle bags and hobo bags make it wonderful for shopping trips.

Bags for the beach

When it comes to carrying a lot of things in your bag nothing can be better than a sling bag for the beach. A cloth bag also looks great for a beach day. They both have plenty of accessible pockets or large areas to store the necessary items.

Tips to match your bag with your outfit

Choose a lighter-colored bag if your dress has a brighter hue. For example, if you are wearing a bright blue outfit, go for a nude-beige clutch.

  • If the outfit is multicolored, try a natural monochrome bag.
  • If you are wearing a sleek dress so a medium-size, structured bag in a classic shape will complement it well.
  • With a printed outfit, try a monochromatic purse that picks a color from your outfit and highlights it.
  • If your shoes are stealing the show with their embellishments and sparkles, you can bring the bling down by choosing a subtler purse.
  • If you out of an idea of how to match your outfit and bag, you can match the metals of your bag with the metal of your jewelry – or even your watch.
  • If your outfit has a pattern, go for a single-colored bag. Look for the minimal color in the pattern and then match your bag to that color.
  • If everything fails then match your shoes to your lipstick and bag with your collar.

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