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New on Netflix December 2020: Movies, TV, Original Series

Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S December 1

The Holiday Movies That Made Us Synopsis (New Docuseries)

Retroactive documentary series looks at most popular and most beloved Christmas movies. It describes how the movie was made. The docuseries takes an in-depth look at two most exemplary holiday movies, Elf and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Unveil the real stories behind these iconic Christmas blockbusters and behind the scenes peeks.


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Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S on 2nd December


Alien Worlds (New Docuseries) Synopsis:

Alien Worlds series is from the United Kingdom. This documentary series will be focusing on the origin of life outside the planet Earth. It applies the laws of life of earth to all galaxies blending science fact and fiction to imagine the life of aliens on other planets.

Fierce (New Movie) Synopsis:

Fierce is a Polish movie releasing on Netflix. This movie goes around a young talented girl who is a singer and takes part in a television talent show. She becomes an instant sensation on the popular talent show. Her main aim is to earn the love of her father who happens to be a judge in that show.


Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S on 3rd December

Break (New Movie)

Break is a French movie. It is a romantic and feel good movie about a dancer Lucie, who tries to rediscover herself as a dancer after she met with a serious accident. She connects with a fellow dancer who is still struggling with his own insecurities.

Just Another Christmas (New Movie)

Jorge has his own Groundhog Day but on Christmas Eve after having an accident. He wakes up a year later and finds himself to relive the same day over and over again with no memories of the past. A man, who hates holidays, is now stuck in the loop of waking up once a year during Christmas. Eventually, he starts to learn what’s important and valuable in life.


Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S 4th December


Big Mouth, Season 4

This adult comedy animated series revolves around two friends Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman who are struggling with puberty issues. It focuses on growth, anxiety, discovering, changing hormones, and accepting yourself. It will continue to explore human sexuality, sexual identities, and love in all forms.

Christmas Crossfire (New Movie)

This German dark comedy and thriller movie is about a man who takes a trip during Christmas. Christmas Crossfire is all about guns, murders, and a lot of suspense. It all starts when a guy goes out on a trip on Christmas with a girl he met. He foils an attempted murder and there happens a series of events when he finds himself on the run from the would-be killers along with their target.

Leyla Everlasting (New Movie)

Leyla Everlasting is a Turkish Comedy about a resilient housewife and her husband who had a happy marriage for years. With years the excitement in their marriage has gone and the husband falls into love with their marriage therapist. This movie is filled with a humorous take on what seems to become more of a reality in modern times.

Mank (New Movie)

Mank is a biopic which is filmed totally in black and white. Mank is a passion project. The Director’s snappy, sprawling drama about legendary Hollywood screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz and the creation of Citizen Kane was written by the director’s father, Jack, who died in 2003. A talky and fast-paced movie Mank about a self-destructive writer and the people he ultimately decides to take down with him.

Selena: The Series (New Series)

Selena is a biopic series based on the life of famous Mexican-American singer and songwriter Selena Quintanilla. The show focuses on the childhood struggle of the singer. It is co-produced by her family members. The series will show the struggles and sacrifices of Selena and her family members to achieve their lifelong dreams.

A Week Away (New Movie)

Netflix’s original faith-based movie A Week Away is the first of its kind. A faith-based Christian Musical movie focuses on Christian summer camp following a run-in with law enforcement that puts a man at an important crossroad- go to juvenile detention or attend a Christian summer camp. By choosing the summer camp he meets a girl who changes his life.


Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S 5th December

Detention (New Series)

The horror Netflix series Detention is a Taiwanese video game with the same name. It was made with the collaboration Taiwanese broadcaster Public Television Service. This is the first Mandarin collaboration with the Netflix. It revolves around a school student who encounters paranormal activity. Later ghost discloses the hidden history and trauma, how a group of students and teachers were persecuted as they fought for freedom in the era of censorship.


Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S 8th December

Emicida: AmarElo- It’s All For Yesterday (New Documentary)

The musical documentary is about the making of Brazilian Rapper Emicida’s recent album AmarElo. Between the scenes from his concerts in Sao Paulo’s Theatro Municipal, rapper and activist celebrates the rich legacy of Black Brazilian culture.

Lovestruck in the City (New Series)

Lovestruck in the city is about young people who chase romance and struggle in the environment of a metropolitan city. The protagonist is portrayed as a romantic and ambitious architect who wants to reconnect with the girl he had met.

Mr. Iglesias Season 3

The comedy sitcom is about a high school teacher who challenges his students to unlock their potential. 2 seasons of Mr. Iglesias was super hit among people and was ranked in the top 10 series list. In this Mr. Iglesias encourages his students to locate their full potential and supports the impartial understudies so they can sort out whatever he instructs.

Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S 9th December

Rose Island (New Movie)

Rose Island is a comedy movie about an engineer who builds his own island after he gets fired from his job. His parents don’t talk to him, his love ditched him. Then he builds an island in the middle of the sea and declares it a nation and draws the attention of the world. The film looks fancy and feel-good but based on a true story of an engineer who built his own island in’60s.

Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S on 10th December

Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland is a story of an unemployed young man who is a video game maniac. With his two friends, he decides to have fun in the city and gets into trouble with the police. They enter into a parallel world where they meet a woman who mentions them to play a dangerous game to survive.

Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S on 11th December

Canvas (New Movies)

An animated short film about a grandfather who was a painter and for years he hadn’t touched his brushes or painted anything. After the heart-breaking loss of his wife, he seeks to rekindle his passion for art i.e painting. After getting inspired, he wants to pick-up the brush but he can’t do it alone.

Giving Voice (New Documentary)

Giving Voice documents the journey of six students as they progress through August Wilson Monologue Competition, an event that sees thousands of aspiring actors reciting the famed playwright’s work. Every year, thousands of students from twelve cities across America give their best shot to perform on Broadway.

The Mess You Leave Behind (New Series)

The Mess You Leave Behind is a Spanish series based on a novel with the same name. It is about a young Literature teacher who wants to give second chance to her marriage and moves to the birth town of her husband’s. There she brags about a job at a local school. However, she finds out that she has been appointed over the position by a woman called Elvira who dies there a few weeks before. Now, she is worried about her own life.

The Prom (New Movie)

It is a dramatic movie about a girl in the high school of Indiana who is lesbian and wants to take her girlfriend to The Prom but is banned by the school principal. On the other hand, New York stage stars whose Expensive Broadway show has been a major flop and their careers are flatlined after that. Now looking for some controversy to gain public attention, the stars get them into high school girl matters for equal rights.

Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S on 14th December


A California Christmas (New Movie)

A romantic movie about a guy who works for a corporation in LA has given a task by his boss to buy land from a hard-working farmer or he will lose his promotion. He pretends to be a ranch hand to get close to her so that she can sell her land to him.

Hilda, Season 2

Hilda, an animated series based on the comic and novel with the same name, is returning to Netflix with a new season. It is the story of a free-spirited blue-haired girl who travels to her home where she makes new friends and discovers mysterious creatures who are strangers and somehow dangerous too.

Tiny Pretty Things (New Series)

Based on the YA novel, Tiny Pretty Things is a teenage drama set in an elite school of ballet dancers. This is the story from the prestigious school where everyone is a friend and foe that compete fiercely. A dark secret unraveled slowly after the death of a student who falls from the rooftop and another young girl takes her place.

Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S on 16th December

Anitta: Made In Honorio (New Docuseries)

This docuseries shows the private life and career of a singer or a mega funk star from Brazil who is fierce and ready to conquer the world. She knows that she is not perfect so she boldly shows herself as she is without any filters in the documentary.

BREAK IT ALL: The History of Rock in Latin America (New Docuseries)

This documentary has documented the history of rock music and its influence on youth culture in Latin America.

How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding (New Series)

African story of a young woman who comes to her home to celebrate Christmas and mistakenly ruins her younger sister’s wedding which is falling on Christmas. Now just before the 6 days of the wedding, she is frantically trying to pick up the pieces and trying to get things back on track.

The Ripper (New Docuseries)

This is the new true crime-documentary that will look at the investigation into the murders of 13 women in the late ‘70s in England. The investigators tell their side of the story in the documentary and the impact of crime, condition of victims’ family member’s and haunted England’s feelings will be sharing in this documentary.

Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S on 18th December

Home for Christmas (Season 2)

A Norwegian romantic-comedy series is about a 30-year-old who is tired of the constant comments on her relationship status. During the family get-together, she lies that she has a boyfriend whom she will introduce to them on Christmas. To cover up her lie, she goes on a 24-day hunt to find a man.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (New Movie)

Ma Rainey has made her name by playing in nightclubs in the 1920s in Chicago. She loves her job and her musicians but her team member who has big plans for this future which doesn’t need Ma Rainey’s permission. He has the dream of having his own band and making his own records but the tensions with other bands may damage his bright future.

Sweet Home (New Series)

A Korean series based on a webtoon comic revolves around a high school fellow who is into trauma after being bullied by his mates. He rarely comes out of his room. He lost his parents and shifts to a new apartment where mysterious things happen around him. He then faces life-changing situations that bring him out to the world to save others.

Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S on 23rd December

The Midnight Sky (New Movie)

Netflix’s original sci-fi movie based on the novel Good Morning, Midnight is a story of a scientist who is struck in the Arctic all alone. He thinks that he is alone there but soon discovers that it is not like that and finds a little girl there. They found a space station there and tries to contact the astronauts to warn them of a global catastrophe.

Your Name Engraved Herein (New Movie)

In the late ‘80s when the strict marriage laws in Taiwan ends, two schoolboys fall in love with each other. Amid the tensions of a conservative and homophobic society, the threat of violence and social shaming their relationship faces the ultimate test.

Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S on 25th December

Bridgerton (New Series)

Bridgerton is based on the bestselling romantic novel with the same name. A period drama set in England in the early 1800s. The story is about the lavish and cutthroat world of London’s elite where children of aristocrats learn how to address before a Prince. The eldest daughter of the Bridgerton family who has debut into Regency London’s competitive marriage market hopes to find true love just like her parents.

Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S on 26th December


DNA (New Movie)

This movie is about a woman who lost her patriarch grandfather. She has distanced herself from her family. Now after the demise of her grandfather, she must return to her home where finds herself getting more in touch with her Algerian roots.

Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S on 30th December

Equinox (New Series)

This is the story of a young girl who is traumatised when the class of graduating students suddenly disappears without a trace. Her sister was one of them. She was living with her family peacefully but all of a sudden horrific nightmares come back and start haunting her. Then she determined to discover the dark truth.

Movies, Web Series Releasing on Netflix U.S on 31st December

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Part 4

In Part 4’s eight episodes, The Eldritch Terrors will descend upon Greendale and the coven must fight each terrifying threat, all leading up to The Void, which is the End of all Things. As the witches wage war, Nick begins to slowly earn his way back into Sabrina’s heart.

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