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Never Ignore this Food to Enhance Immunity the Easy Way

No two persons have the same fingerprints. You know that. But why mention this? Similar to those prints, every person can have a different immunity to fight disease-causing germs. You know what makes or breaks your immunity. Don’t you? Yeah right. It’s what you eat. Consuming the right food to enhance immunity can make you stronger against various ailments.

Let’s Understand Immunity and Related Foods

Immunity is a system and not just a single entity. To boost and maintain your immunity, you should actively indulge in the foods that build up your immune system. Now the question is, what are the things to eat to increase immunity?

What are the Best Foods to Enhance Immunity?

Immunity rich foods are those that are high in antioxidants, proteins, and other minerals. These tend to keep the cells active and healthy. But people, nowadays, don’t eat enough, which somehow leads to nutrient deficiency. Also, keep this in mind that eating right for one day or week won’t help as it’s a long process. And it takes time, the right food, and healthy drinks to boost your immune system.

5 Best Foods to Increase Immune System Power

Despite numerous things to boost immunity like supplements, medicines, and more, relying on natural foods is recommended. Following is the list of 5 top foods to boost your immune system:

Spinach – One of the Top Immunity Rich Foods

Green vegetables like spinach are plentiful in iron and Vitamin C. They are fundamental for new blood creation and keeping blood debasements under control. A rich source of antioxidants, spinach is the best food to increase immunity power. It is always suggested to add spinach to the diet of children as it provides the essential nutrients for growth. Besides, it is also recommended to consume completely cooked spinach as eating it raw might not be digestion-friendly.

Turmeric – Food to Enhance Immunity

Turmeric is one of the oldest Indian medicinal herbs and is known as the best antiseptic. Its anti-inflammatory effects, strong antioxidant properties, and presence of curcumin make it a great immunity booster.


Another common ingredient and food to enhance immunity is ginger. It has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-viral properties that can reduce sore throat as well. In the times of Pandemic, it is advised to add ginger to your diet.

Citrus Fruits – Well Known Things to Boost Immunity

Citrus fruits like lime, grapefruits, lemon, citron, and others are all rich in Vitamin C. This vitamin promotes white blood cell production, which again helps fight the bacteria. These are also counted as the best foods to boost immune system.

Kiwi – Food to Enhance Immunity

Kiwi increases blood cell count and boosts the immune system. It helps in improving digestion and is an excellent source of Vitamin C, K, and E. Kiwi, being rich in antioxidants and fiber, is perfect for immunity and fighting viruses.

Today, when there’s no medicine available yet to cure the invisible coronavirus, every small step towards immunity can help. From eating healthy food to increase immunity to others, every activity can make you stronger.

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