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Kamala Harris Stand on Important Issues

Know Where Kamala Harris Stands on Important Issues in the USA

The name for Joe Biden’s mate is final. It’s Kamala Harris, the 1st black woman, to be running for the Vice President elections in the US. This can pave the way for another record if Joe wins the polls. Harris will be the 1st black woman as Vice President, USA.

This historic partnership was never a team as Harris was the rival of Biden, months ago. However, there’s much more to the Indian-American VP candidate. Her term as attorney senator and general made her a clear pick for Biden. Though the future can’t be predicted for whether she will taste the victory or not, she has some strong points under the hood.

Let’s look at the main issues, for which Kamala Harris takes a stand.

Police and Race

Being a black woman in the US, Harris is mainly aligned with her party in supporting the reforms of law enforcement. Instead of calling an open defund of the police department, she focuses on parameters to enhance the safety of the public in the USA. Her earlier roles describe hers as a “top cop” and “progressive prosecutor” in California. However, her records are annoying both for conservatives as well as liberals.


One the list of Democrats standing for Medicare for all bill by Senator Bernie Sanders in 2017, Ms. Harris was one of the first supporters. However, making a shift in the opinion made her face a loss during her presidential campaign. And now she stands with Biden, who has raised a call to support the Affordable Care Act, Barack Obama’s landmark.

Women’s Rights

Harris also stood for women’s rights. At the time of Democratic primary, she supported the disputed abortions funded by taxpayers, stating that they will save the women earning lesser income. She also put ahead a proposal of 6-month paid leave to help them address problems related to medical, personal, and domestic violence issues. Moreover, Harris also raised a suggestion for ‘equal pay certification’ for bigger companies to minimize the pay gap among genders.

Gun Control

Making a stricter regulation for gun control using executive action was one of her promises during her bid for the White House. And, accompanying other Democrats, Harris also declared her support for stricter regulations on gun manufacturers, tightening loopholes, making background checks necessary, and banning assault weapons.


In this regard, Harris again joins hands with other contenders of Democratic 2020. She shows her strong support for immigrants. Born to immigrants, she is in favor of making the process of getting citizenship easier for undocumented immigrants. She also supported providing healthcare (funded by taxpayers) to people crossing borders even if they are unable to produce any paper.

And in a few months from now, American citizens will decide if these Kamala Harris stands are worth voting for.

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