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Is Russia Really the First Nation to Get an Approved COVID-19 Vaccine?

With the whole world trembling in fear of the novel coronavirus, Russia COVID 19 vaccine update sent a ray of hope. The transcontinental federation is claiming to have made the vaccine for COVID-19 that’s in the third phase of human trials.

On 11 August, Vladimir Putin said that Russia had become the first country across the world to do this. It gained approval for the coronavirus vaccine after testing it on humans for two months. Moscow hails this move as a step towards establishing its scientific power. With this vaccine news, Russia has created a method for mass vaccination. Though the final stage of clinical trials to test its efficacy and safety is still under process.

Russia’s pace of working towards releasing a medicine for the pandemic puts a light on its focus towards leading the global race. However, concerns around the country putting its national prestige at stake are there.

WHO Negative on Russia COVID 19 Vaccine Update

Last week, WHO advised Russia not to rush for the vaccine release date. The fact is that the country has released results of the vaccine’s phase-1 clinical trials recently to the public. Due to this, there are still concerns about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

So, how did Putin defend this?

In response to WHO’s concern, Putin claimed the vaccine to be safe. He also stated that the vaccine from Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute has been tested on his daughter, and is safe.

On its functioning, Putin claims that it works effectively, makes strong immunity, and has passed all the required checks. He also adds a statement about plans for its mass production starting soon in the country.

Putting a Light on Phase 3 Vaccine Trails

An approval from health ministry predicts that a more significant trial is about to begin. And that the next phase (termed as phase 3) will involve tests on thousands of patients. At this level, the vaccine needs to impact a particular percentage of virus patients positively. This is a pre-requirement for the vaccine status to gain regulatory approval.

And regulators, worldwide, asserted that any rush in the generation of an approved vaccine would not be at the cost of safety. However, activities like this fast-paced development have created distrust among the public in efforts on the government’s behalf, as per some surveys conducted recently.

This vaccine candidate from Russia, created by the Russian Defence Ministry and Gamaleya Research Institute, is a disease vector medicine. The basis of this one is the fusion of human adenovirus fused and spike protein of SARC CoV-2 for immune response stimulus reaction. According to a source, health workers working against the virus will get a chance to volunteer for the vaccine after its approval.

COVID Vaccine in India and Across the World

As per WHO data, development work is going on for over 100 vaccines across the world. And, out of all those, four are currently in phase 3 of human trials. With the development at this pace, the vaccine release date for a tested, trialled, and approved medicine might be available soon.

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