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Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas – Movie Schedule for 2020 Released

This year, Hallmark releases 40 new movies for its Christmas celebration custom while adding more diversity in narration, cast, and plots.

Hallmark is all set to add good memories to quite a few ones you gathered for this year. The leader has released its schedule for its Christmas celebration movie line-up. The list is out, and it contains a whopping 40 holiday movies, all new releases for you to enjoy.

Hallmark’s Christmas celebration will start October 23, and the details of its upcoming originals are out. You can explore the entire schedule, plot summaries, and details of the cast for the movies. This release comes as a part of “Countdown to Christmas” of Hallmark Channel and “Miracle of Christmas” of its Movies and Mysteries section.

The release also includes a premiere promotion by ET of 3 movies from the list. The promos are for Chateau Christmas and Jingle Bell by the channel and Holly and Ivy by the Movies and Mysteries segment.

Another inclusion to this list of 40 is “The Christmas Home,” which follows a married gay couple. The lead actors in this movie are freely gay actors Brad Harder and Jonathan Bennett. The list also includes Love, Lights, Hanukkah!, following a restaurateur discovering herself to be Jewish after a DNA test.

Words from Hallmark’s Executive VP

According to Hallmark’s Executive VP, Programming, Michelle Vicary, the channel is bringing a more welcoming and larger vacation table this year. He also added that the list of movies coming out this year features more variation in narratives, talent, and households than ever. The formula for this year’s success lies in the roots of seasonal customs, household events, meaningful connections, as well as heat and positivity. Hallmark’s core purpose of bringing this list is to provide the much-needed vacation cheer and fun to millions of viewers to end this challenging year.

What’s included?

Out of 40, “Countdown to Christmas” will premiere 23 motion pictures while the rest will debut under the poster of “Miracles of Christmas.” The celebration streak will end on December 20, starting October 23. With this, Hallmark clears its intention of following the traditional Christmas special custom despite the pandemic.

Besides these 40 movies, this year’s Christmas package contains other products to entice the cheers of celebration. Hallmark is releasing Christmas-themed products, including wine, books, flowers, a chocolate calendar, holiday tea tins, and a Monopoly video game. The list also includes house design, glasses, and apparel dedicated to the vacation for viewers to enjoy their evenings sitting at home in front of their televisions.

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