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Top 8 Maternity Yoga Pants for Pregnant Women

Getting pregnant can be one of the most exciting things in a women’s life. This is the time when you’ll go through a lot of changes. There can be all sorts of moments like morning sickness, cramps, bloating, mood swings, water retention, and a lot more. So, when your body is going through such different changes you can get annoyed by little things. This is when you want to stay comfortable in what you wear. And here comes the Maternity Yoga Pants to your rescue ‘cause comfort is the key. 

Great pair of yoga pants that will support your belly bump without constricting it. It should be a breathable fabric that won’t constrict your bump and keep it cozy. It doesn’t matter whether you do yoga or not maternity yoga pants can be something light and comfy that you would want to wear all nine months long. A little friendly advice- try to do yoga or some exercise which is safe. It will keep you active which is very important.   

When you are shopping for yoga pants, you’ll find a few different styles. Everybody is different and so is their comfort level. Maternity-specific yoga pants are made with a bump-friendly design. There are basically 3 styles you can choose as per your comfort.

  • Over-the-bump: These maternity yoga pants have stretchable panels that are big enough to cover your entire bump. Many mommies prefer this style for extra comfort when they enter into trimester.   
  • Under-the-bump: These yoga pants sit below your baby bump. It is perfect for the ladies who prefer to keep it uncovered. The waistband of these pants is stretchy enough to expand with your belly.
  • Foldable band: Foldable band yoga pants are versatile that you can choose whether to wear it over the belly, under the belly, or can fold down halfway.

8 Best Maternity Yoga Pants Review

Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Workout Capri 

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Perfect for yoga or everyday wear, this soft and stretchable workout Capri provides support and flexibility. With your growing belly, it creates a gentle pull outward and gives light support to your back. You can use it postpartum; it will recover to its original shape.

Mumberry Maternity Ease Yoga Pants 

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With a built-in pregnancy band, Mumberry yoga pants are going to be your best pants you would definitely want to wear again and again. The band in this pair of pants will ensure moving with comfort and gentle compression. 

Glampunch Women’s Maternity Yoga Pants

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Glampunch Maternity Yoga Pants could be a great option for you. The super-soft, comfortable, and not too tight fabric is gonna be one of the best activewear purchases. The elastic band helps your belly support and fit the pants over your belly.

CLOYA Maternity Yoga Pants

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Try this if you want extra comfort. These Cloya Yoga Pants will stay with you even after your delivery. You can wear it over or fold it down under your bump. It won’t lose its shape postpartum. Flatlock stitching also gonna add more ease by reducing chafe. 

Felina Velvety Soft Maternity Legging

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Is there anything better than velvety soft leggings? Nothing, Right! Then put a big smile and get two pairs. This versatile legging can be worn with any outfit and will keep you at ease. The 4 way stretch panel is perfect to wear day or night. 

Foucome Women’s Maternity Pants Low Rise

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In all pretty colors, these low rise maternity pants are surely for all day long wear. Made from premium fabric they are ultra-soft, lightweight, skin-friendly, and opaque. A V-shape low rise band fits easily under the bump, doesn’t create pressure, and will stretch with your growing belly.

PACBREEZE Women’s Maternity Pants

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These comfy maternity pants are perfect for c-section recovery and postpartum, not rubbing or tight around the incision. Full panel over the bump offers comfortable support through all trimesters. If you like low band pants then you can just fold them down. 

Liu & Qu Maternity Women’s Pants

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Whether you’re looking for something fitted and supportive or loose and breezy, hope you’ve found the best workout pants for pregnancy so you can stay active and healthy the whole way through.

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