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The Best Way to Get Rid of a Pimple Fast

Just when you least want them to be there, pimples pop up at the most unwanted times, say a day before marriage, moments before your prom night, or the interview morning. No one welcomes an acne breakout happily but when they come, we start searching for pimple treatment DIY solutions.

Though even the best pimple remover tool or technique might not prevent re-occurrence of acne it gives the much-needed urgent fix. Here are some of the best ways to get rid of a pimple fast.

  • Get Acne Treatment Over-the-counter

Yes! You read that right. You can easily find over-the-counter acne treatment solutions at any medical store. Apply a small amount of pimple treatment cream directly on the pimple area. You need to leave some applied overnight while others are added to make up concealers for hiding the blemish until it’s removed. You can also get tea tree essential oil, probably the best option for pimple treatment at home. Dab a drop of the oil on the pimple, one or two times a day. You can also purchase a cream having this oil. Though a few pieces of research have shown this oil to be an effective pimple treatment Ayurveda solution, some people are found to have skin sensitivity to it. So, you should be cautious before using it.

DHC Acne Spot Therapy: A gentle and effective spot treatment therapy for your pimples comprising of a perfect balance of complex of soothing botanicals including green tea and aloe

ICONIC Acne Pimple Healing Patch: An invisible pimple treatment solution that you can apply even under make-up

Worried about using a product the right way? Ask from the medical store for guidance or follow the directions given on the product. Make sure you don’t use it more than recommended, or otherwise, get ready for irritated and flaky skin.

  • Treat the Acne With a Sulfur Mask

In case spot treatments aren’t helping, you should use a sulfur mask to remove pimples, reduce inflammation, as well as unclog pores. For many years, it has been used as an acne treatment. You can use the mask on the pimple area only or the whole face. You can get these sulfur facial masks from department stores, salons, or drug stores. Based on the product type, some work for pimple treatment overnight while others treat acne within minutes. Ensure that you read and follow all the instructions provided along with the product. Also, never leave a sulfur mask on your face overnight unless specified.

RAYA Bio-Sulfur Masque (708) | Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Treatment Mask for Oily, Problem, and Break-Out Skin: An excellent deep pore cleansing mask for the oily, problem, and blemished skin types

RAYA Mediterranean Mud Masque (611) | Revitalizing Facial and Body Treatment Mask for Dull and Congested Skin: An excellent decongestive and revitalizing mask for all skin types

  • Cool Down the Acne Pain – Use Ice Cubes

A pimple may cause swelling, pain, and redness to the skin. Using ice cubes helps reduce it. A plus point, this pimple treatment technique also fixes blemishes that aren’t visible but you can feel them under your skin. But, there’s a catch. Don’t apply an ice cube directly to the skin but cover it with a soft cloth. And, never leave the ice for a longer time on your face. Simply rub a cube on your face for mere 20-30 seconds or a few minutes daily.

Do you know why we don’t heat it and use ice instead? Well, heating it would be the last thing you want if you want to reduce the pimple’s size or hide it. This is because heating it will make it redder and larger. In short, ice is your go-to pimple remover at home and you can use it to remove small to big inflamed pimples such as acne cysts and nodules as well.

Urban Essentials Reusable Ice Cubes: Get rid of those old ice trays with these reusable cubes

  • Inject Cortisone in and Pimples Out

If you are suffering from painful zits or crystal breakouts, you need to get a cortisone injection. Once injected, cortisone starts working and helps reduce swelling and pain within a few hours. And, generally, breakouts flatten within 48 hours. If you want the breakouts to go faster, this technique is the best choice available. But, a doctor’s advice is always recommended before applying it.

  • Stop Breakouts in Advance

Where the above tips are helpful in treating individual pimples, constant acne on the face need effective medication. You need to stop them before they even form. Over-the-counter treatment will work for light acne only and a prescribed medicine will be required for stubborn, inflamed, nodular breakouts, and severe pimples. Consult a dermatologist for the best acne treatment available for your case.


So, what’s your pimple problem? Let us know if anyone of the above ways helped you improve your appearance. And, expecting ladies are also prone to getting acne and they need specific pimple treatment while pregnant to look the best always. Also, share any other ideas on your mind that we can include here.

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