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Mike Bloomberg to Spend $100 Million in Florida for Joe Biden

The money will be spent to help Joe Biden win in Florida

After spending 1$ billion for his Democratic presidential bidding, Mike Bloomberg has now announced that he is ready to spend $100 million to help Joe Biden win the elections in the state of Florida. The former New York Mayor has made this decision just 51 days before the elections with polls predicting a close race between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.

Bloomberg decided this right after the news came of Donald Trump’s plans of spending $100 million of his own in the last week of campaigns. As Florida is an expensive state as far as the media market is concerned, Mike’s decision can be a game-changer.

Where this money will be spent?

His spending will focus on television and digital ads, in both English and Spanish. The money will also be spent on getting Biden’s supporters to the polls and communicating with Hispanics will be the most important part of the spending strategy.

Bloomberg’s senior adviser Kevin Sheekey said in a statement “Mike Bloomberg is committed to helping defeat Trump, and that is going to happen in the battleground states.” He also added that after Mike’s decision, Democrats and campaign resources will now be able to invest more in other states like Pennsylvania.

President Trump’s Reaction

This news has drawn Trump’s attention and he tweeted “I thought Mini Mike was through with Democrat politics after spending almost 2 billion dollars, and then giving the worst and the most inept Debate performance in the history of Presidential politics.”

Trump has recently moved to Florida and calls it home. He also owns multiple properties in the state. Many observers feel that it is very important for Trump to win Florida to win the elections overall. The Trump campaign is quite confident that the President will win Florida in the upcoming elections.

Trump won from the Florida state in the 2016 elections by 113,000 votes and since then he visits the state very often. Polls have shown Biden with a very slim margin in Florida, mainly getting the support from older voters and white voters. He is doing better than Hilary Clinton in 2016.

Bloomberg’s investment is considered to be a big deal as it can really help Joe Biden in winning the state. Democrats will wait and see if he is going to invest in other competitive states too. Voting by mail will start in the state on September 24 and Joe Biden will be visiting the state on Tuesday.

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