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15 Best Hand-Free Pumping and nursing bras to buy in (2022 Review)

Whether it’s your first baby or the third, nursing a newborn feels like having the baby attached to you always. Moms who are working or have to move away from their kids for some time resort to breast pumps. Moreover, such women constantly look for the best nursing bras and the best pumping bra to ease their life.

If you too are using a breast pump, combining it with a hands-free breast pump bra gives more relief. And here, you will find the best hands-free pumping and nursing bra for you. But before moving to the options, let’s explore some details.

How to Buy the Best Pumping and Nursing Bra?

Here are a few factors you should consider before choosing the best nursing and pumping bra for you:

  • Size: Breast size changes before and after nursing/pumping. So, you should look for an adjustable bra if you are planning to wear it all day.
  • Pump Compatibility: Some pumping bras are compatible with pumps of the same brand only. You should look for a universal compatible one or the one that works well with your pump’s brand.
  • Material: Discomfort can be a part of pumping. However, an elastic, easily washable, and comfortable material can improve the comfort level.

best hands-free pumping and nursing bra

Best Pumping and Nursing Bras for Mothers

Wondering if wearing a pumping bra will cause problems like moisture and discomfort? This one from Lupantte takes care of that. Comprising mostly cotton, spandex, and modal, it’s a longline soft and moisture-wicking bra. You can place and remove bottles easily without worrying about milk spills.

Plus, it’s a true-to-size fit with adjustable straps and is available in size variants from extra-small to double extra-large. Get this one for comfortable all-day use.

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It’s probably the best breast pump bra that you can use for nursing as well. It features a Velcro fastening for the stretch strap and a hole at each side for nipple exposure. And if you need extra support, it comes with an optional neck strap.

Natural breast compression with this bra ensures a faster flow of milk. Thus, you need to spend less time pumping and more time doing other chores. It’s available in multiple color options and a one-size fit for A through DD cup sizes. This also makes it one of the best plus-size nursing bras.

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What if you desire to retain that feminine appearance even when pumping and milking? Dairy Fairy brings you a lycra nylon bra with a front opening on each side. So, you can use it as a hands-free nursing bra, pumping bra, or for breastfeeding.

The openings are good enough to support breast pump flanges. And you can wear this all day for hands-free pumping or even when not milking. While it might not be good to wear with thin clothes, the bra is available from extra-small to double extra-large cup sizes.

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Here’s a bustier bra that you can wear solo or go cups down with a nursing bra. With small to large size variants, you can find a size that perfectly fits your breasts. The bra features a 2-way stretch that ensures comfortable wear even when holding the bottles in place during pumping.

The only downside of this hands-free pumping bra is that you can wear it with Medela electric breast pumps only.

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Do you know what’s exciting about this bra? It’s made for moms by moms in the U.S. The crossover bra is good for nursing as well as pumping. It offers comfortable to wear with 90% cotton, wireless expandable cups, and an adjustable back strap. That makes it an ideal bra for lactating women whose breast size might change every hour or day.

Instead of holes, the bra holds bottles using a 2-layered cup while pumping. So, you can go hands-free and do other chores during the milking sessions.

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Wear it over a nursing bra or go solo. PumpEase offers a wonderful hands-free pumping experience with a style add-on. You can choose from multiple print designs made of 88% polyester. Also, you get to choose your size from small (32AA) to extra-large (48H). It features a hook and eye closure at the front that makes it easy to wear and remove.

Moreover, it’s also easily adjustable for engorged breasts. The bra is machine-washable and is compatible with all breast pump brands.

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Less a bra and more an accessory, this one from Bravado fits nursing bras of the same brand. However, you can use it with other brands with the same clips as well. The cotton modal material makes it stretchy, soft, and strong enough to hold two bottles.

Choose your size from small through extra-large options, pop it over a nursing bra, release the cups, and clip it. Now, attach the pump and flanges, and slip them inside the opening to start hands-free pumping.

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Are you looking for a bustier bra that fits large boobs, lets you pump milk, and can be used otherwise? This is one of the best nursing bras for large breasts from Simple Wishes that fits most sizes from 30AA to 48J. Moreover, it fits well over a nursing bra and adjusts to the changing body and breast size with ease.

The comfortable and stretchy cotton spandex bra is compatible with most electric pump brands. However, you can’t wear this hands-free pumping bra all day as it lacks the desired support.

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If you need a pumping and nursing sports bra that you can wear all day, here’s the best pick with 93% cotton. Touted to be perfect for working moms, it can be used for privacy and convenience during breastfeeding with the easy drop cups.

Plus, the X design within the cups makes inserting bottle shields easy. It also packs versatility with detachable straps that you can also cross at the back. Moreover, it fits breast pumps from all brands like Evenflo, Spectra, and Lansinoh among others.

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A firm fit, comfortable, and easy to wear and remove, this is the best pumping bra for big breasts. At the first look, it’s a big stretchy neoprene piece having slits at strategic positions. Although it doesn’t add to the looks, it does the job of holding pumping bottles well with its strength.

The big, adjustable Velcro strap makes it adjustable and fits DD through J cup sizes. A detachable neck strap adds extra support if you need it with this beige bra.

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This one on the list features the patented EasyClip technology. The hands-free pumping and nursing bra brings innovative dual-clip functionality. Thus, you can use it for pumping and nursing simultaneously. Moreover, it lets you multitask easily as you can start the action by removing the top layer.

Universal compatibility and comfort for all-day wear make it one of the best choices for pumping and nursing mothers. Buy and use it with standard pump flanges from all brands without worrying about milk spills.

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Why buy a bra if you can make a band do the job. LactaMed’s bra kit is a hands-free pumping solution that uses a band to hold the pump flanges. What makes it special is that it doesn’t need to be washed and enables easy breast compressions.

However, you need some time to learn to use the compact hands-free pumping band or the milk may spill.

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If you are lactating and nursing or pumping, you already know how much your breast size can change every day. Ameda PumpEase bra caters to this by offering easy adjustments using a 3-position hook and eye closure. And the soft, stretchy fabric lets it stay fit throughout.

Wear it over a nursing bra and it fits most flange sizes. Achieve your pumping goals with this hands-free solution that’s compatible with most breast pumps out there. And you can choose from small, medium, and extra-large options to fit your size.

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Not all pumping bras are made without considering style. Get this pumping and nursing bra from Ayla for an elegant appeal while milking. The lace design makes it appear beautiful while you get the desired support from the underwire. It offers good support to the pump flanges and your breasts alike while you do the pumping job with ease.

Available in nude and black, the bra is available for multiple cup sizes from extra small to double extra-large.

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The soft and adorable bra is a great buy not just for pumping and nursing but during pregnancy as well. It packs a super soft material that doesn’t harm sensitive nipples. Plus, it allows easy access for nursing and pumping with easy hooking and unhooking.

Besides, the full coverage cups offer the desired support. This hands-free pumping and nursing bra is also available in numerous sizes and color options.

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Almost every nursing and pumping bra offer comfort and flange support. However, the best pumping bra for you is the one that fits your breasts, pump, and nursing needs. So, which one are you considering buying?


Do I Need a Pumping Bra?

You can pump milk without a pumping bra. But holding the pump equipment will keep your hands busy and you may get tired early. A hands-free pumping bra makes pumping comfortable, easier, and pleasant and you can do several other chores.

Does a Pumping Bra Reduce Milk Supply?

If you wear a tight bra, it will impact the milk supply whether it’s a nursing, pumping, or regular bra. Experts suggest wearing the right, comfortable size to avoid milk duct blockage and mastitis.

Can I sleep wearing a pumping bra?

Some bras are made to wear day and night. So, yes. If you choose the right bra, you can sleep, go out, and do almost everything wearing a pumping bra you would do with a regular one.

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