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Top 15 female urination devices of 2022 (Reviews)

When you are out on a picnic or an outdoor adventure and pee strikes, what’s your course of action? Women who have been in such a situation before knowing how much help a female urination device can be.

But what’s a female urinal device? It’s a urination device that allows females to stand and pee like males. Thus, you won’t need to sacrifice your dignity in an open area when you get that nature’s call.

Even if you are not a travel fanatic, portable urinal devices also come in handy for bedridden women. But with numerous options out there, how would you find the best one? Here’s a quick guide to finding the best pee funnels and some top-rated picks from Amazon.

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How to Find the Best Female Urinal Device

How to Find the Best Female Urinal Device?

There are a few important factors you must consider before buying the right female urinal device for you:

  • Comfort and Ease of Use: So, you are considering buying a pee funnel to avoid the inconvenience of removing clothes or gear to pee. Thus, the device must be easy to store, care for, carry, use, and clean.
  • Weight and Packability: When on a trip, packing heavy things would cause trouble carrying your backpack. So, the best pee funnel should be lightweight and easily packable. You can easily find foldable products in the market.
  • Durability: Some urinal devices are made more durable than others. Make sure you pick the most durable option that you can use for a longer time.
  • Messiness: It’s no fun urinating in a funnel if it messes with your shoes, and pants, and makes you dirty. Also, consider recyclable and disposable options if not buying a reusable one to avoid environmental mess.

15 Best Pee Funnels

With all that in mind, let’s explore the top picks that have got high ratings on Amazon from users.

The first one on the list is a wonderful female urination device from pStyle. Its unique design makes it feel more like a trough and less like a funnel. With a big wide part and strategic design, it prevents splashing and spilling while catching the pee.

While most devices direct the pee stream downward, its horizontal nature enables easy direction for the urine flow. This is one of the best pee funnels on Amazon. Women love using it as it makes peeing while standing quite simple.

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Available in a single unit, this female urinal device from Outdoor Life Adventures is somewhat bigger. Also, it’s bulkier than those devices with a separate tube. However, learning to use it isn’t a challenge. Plus, it prevents spillage and splashing to keep your shoes and pants safe.

Since it requires you to pull down underwear and pants for use, it isn’t considered ideal for scuba diving, rock climbing, and more such scenarios. Otherwise, it’s a user-friendly device with a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

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Need something simple to use, doesn’t need you to pull down the underwear and is easy to carry? This urination device from Pibella is a perfect travel companion.

It isn’t a funnel but a simple tube. You will need to place it over your urethra directly. The design does the rest job, making directing the pee stream easy. And you can use it by pushing your underwear to the side. That’s why you shouldn’t miss this portable urinal device for women for your next outdoor adventure or work trip.

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This one’s quite a popular option among females with a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. What makes it special is that it comes with a durable pee cup and a detachable tube. This means you can carry it in a glove compartment or the backpack without breakage worries. And, the detachable tube makes it small enough to be packed easily.

Moreover, you can direct the pee stream as desired using the tube.

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If you want a reusable urination device that’s small and lightweight, consider this one. It lets you pee while standing with a quality urinary diversion device.

In addition, it’s also easy to carry as it comes with a hard carrying base. So, you can stuff it into your backpack and leave for your outdoor adventure without worries. Merely 100g, it’s made of polypropylene and you can use it without removing your clothes or underwear.

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It’s not a pee funnel but a bag. The disposable female urination device is a great companion for camping, traveling, potty training, and particularly emergencies.

Even if it’s disposable, it doesn’t mean you need to get rid of it after every use. The pouch has a gel that converts your pee into solid fast. And it doesn’t stink so you can use it multiple times before disposing of it.

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And here’s another high-rated disposable urinal device for females on Amazon. With a 4.5-star rating, the device is a great choice for being easy to use and transport. If you find squatting difficult due to some orthopedic problems, P-Mate takes the challenges of urination away.

And since it’s disposable, you can use it and throw it into the trash when done.

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This portable urinal device for women brings you relief from all your challenges getting to the bathroom. What makes it different than others on the list is that it collects the urine instead of directing it away.

While it’s not the best choice for trips, it’s a perfect pick for bedridden women. So, if you had recent surgery, there’s one thing less to worry about with this reusable urinal device.

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Not exactly a female urination device, this one on the list is a portable travel toilet instead. It serves your porta-potty needs during kayaking, camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor adventures.

The lightweight option weighs less than 10 pounds when empty and around 32 pounds when full. It has two side latches for easy transportation. Other features include a flushable, detachable tank, and a sliding valve for leakage prevention and odor locking.

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It’s reusable, foldable, flexible, and hard enough to prevent a collapse. The portable urinal device for women features a narrow profile, a soft sprout, and a hard plastic shell. What makes it user-friendly is that you can fold it down and carry it easily in a pouch that comes with the device.

Plus, after use, you don’t need to wipe with toilet paper. The inbuilt squeegee-like tip at the back dries you off.

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Wondering if you can get a urinal device in the desired color? Sunany offers seven color options with its reusable silicone female urinal device. And that’s just one of the features that made it get a 4.5 rating on Amazon from over 10,000 customers.

The high-grade silicone makes it easy to clean, safe to use, and prevents odor. Plus, the design enables comfortable use and carrying as you can fold and store it in the accompanying drawstring bag. The narrow body and a 4.75-inch extension tube add more convenience during outdoor adventures.

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How about a recyclable pee funnel that you can use once and dispose of? PeeBuddy’s portable urination device is made to let you pee in an unfriendly toilet without creating a butt-to-seat contact.

This urination device arrives flat and is easy to carry and use. Rinse it before getting rid after use and it recycles quite well. With a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, it’s available in 10, 40, and 80 funnel options.

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Here’s another portable urination device for women not intended for travel and trips. Instead, it’s a hand-held urinal that you can use to urinate at the bedside. The device is portable, lightweight, and easy to use.

The device features a 55-inch tube with a lid and 2000ml capacity. It’s an ideal choice for elderly care, hospitals, bedbound women, car travel, and incontinence care.

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Here’s another option for female urinal for use in hospitals, homes, and during travel. HealthStar female urinal is made shatter-resistant with extra-strength molded plastic. It comes with a clear and easy view tank with a capacity of 32 Fl Oz. urination. Moreover, the contoured design enables mess-free urination by preventing splashback and leakage.

Buy this and forget about the cracking, chipping, and warping worries with this nearly indestructible device.

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Peeing in a urinal device and then facing hassles washing it can take the joy out of your trip. Pitch and Trek keep the troubles away by making it easily washable with high-quality silicone. Moreover, it’s also made reusable and leak-free.

In addition, it’s also easy to carry as you can fold and carry it in a purse, backpack, or car’s glove compartment. The lightweight and convenient is quite popular among women, having a 4.5-star rating on Amazon from around 6500 reviewers.

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To conclude, all these female urination devices and pee funnels are there to make peeing easier during an outdoor adventure. Or you can use them to attend the nature’s call when unable to walk to a bathroom alone.


Do female urination devices work?

Yes. Female urination devices work well for women who don’t want to pull down clothes to pee in an open area such as camping or hiking. Such devices also enable bedridden women due to an injury or surgery to urinate without going to the bathroom.

How to clean a female urination device?

Most female urinal devices need soap and water cleaning only. Alternatively, you can also clean them in a dishwasher. While most devices are made to avoid contact with the device, they only need occasional cleaning.

Who invented the female urination device?

In the late ‘90s, Sam Fountain invented Shewee, the first known female urination device. This brought about a stand-to-pee revolution for women allowing them to use public toilets without a problem. Many more companies followed the suit and started creating more pee funnels.

What do girls use funnels for?

Girls use pee funnels (urine funnels or stand-up urination devices) to pee without squatting. These devices allow women to pee in a funnel in open areas without pulling the pants or underwear down.


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