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Tips For Choosing Right Fashion Accessories

We always say accessories can make or break your outfit. The power of accessories is undeniable. You don’t have to copy somebody else’s style; you should be able to complement your overall look. In order to look good, you need to know how to choose fashion accessories in the right way to get a perfect and your best look.

Here are some tips to help you.

1- You Don’t Always Have to Match Your Bag With Your Shoes

Choosing a handbag that matches your shoes isn’t all that important. If you have chosen the bright shoe color then opt for contrasting or neutral tone bag. You can match your bags and shoes when having a formal or sporty look.

2- Avoid Black Shoes With Neutral Tone Outfits

If you wearing a neutral color outfit, you should choose neutral color footwear instead of black. Neutral tone clothing goes well with light-colored shoes.

3- Do not over accessorize

Never wear too many accessories at one time. It can overshadow the whole look and your jewelry will go unrecognized.  Over accessories kills the whole appearance. So, stick to fewer pieces and let them do their work. If you are wearing a large earring then avoid wearing a necklace with that. You can wear a ring or bracelet with that.

4- Use full Jewelry Set if the Items are Small in Size

According to stylists, wearing a matching set of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets is a bit too much. But it depends on the size of the pieces. If the earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are small in size, you can wear them together. It will give you an elegant look.

5- Large Jewelry Doesn’t Suit Everyone

Big or thick rings don’t look good on small fingers. Large rings make your finger look smaller. Thin rings will visually make it look large.

6- Do not Wear Watches with Evening Dresses

Try not to wear a wristwatch with evening gown or dresses. Watches are for formal, sports or urban look. However, there are jewelry timepieces are also available in the market. If you really want to wear a watch then make sure to buy a piece that can go well with your jewelry pieces.

7- Try Bolder Accessories with Basic Outfits

Accessories enhance the basic outfits very well. They add interests to plain look. Pair a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans with colorful footwear, long pendant necklace and layers of bangles and bracelets.

8- Add Color to Your Basics

If you are having a basic outfit day then create a vibrant color look with funky jewelry, colorful printed scarf, a handbag or a bright shoe. But, remember not to match the outfit with an accessory.


9- Go with fewer accessories if wearing eye-catching prints

If you are wearing eye-catching prints, try not to wear too many accessories. If you are wearing dark color prints that are bold then opt for nude color footwear and handbag. This will allow your dress to shine out.


10- Accessorize a Little

Always add at least one statement piece to your outfit before going out. It will make your outfit go from “good to knockout.” Try focusing on face or neck at one time. Wear a scarf around your neck with an all-black dress, wrist cuff or bracelet with your dress. You don’t have to overthink when you wear a single accessory.


When looking for an accessory, do not hurry to buy anything immediately. Take your time to think which will go well with your dresses and other outfits. Take a look at a few options before buying.

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