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Chadwick Boseman Pitched Masterclass Idea to Harward University Before Death

Golden Globe Award-winning entertainer Chadwick Boseman tried out an entertainment masterclass thought to Howard University before his passing, and now the college has been intending to carry it out in the understudy’s educational plan.

TMZ has discovered that Chadwick needed to get “Howard University students up to speed on the amusement business early and frequently, which is the reason he concocted a good thought for his place of graduation.”

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Head Prez Wayne Frederick told TMZ that the university is going to be rolling out a masterclass template for the Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts that is actually inspired by the man himself who presented his concept to head honchos before he passed away last year.

Students enrolled in Fine Arts College will be acquainted with another educational program sooner, which will assist them with getting comfortable with their particular fields of study.

TMZ revealed that the students will be working with experts, presently working in the business, who can share genuine encounters with them.

Howard University has been consistently well known for welcoming experts for guest addresses. Fredrick told TMZ that the masterclass is going to be more structured weaving the guests into day-to-day learning and coursework on campus.

He further said that Chadwick “wanted to help spearhead the program” for which he “actually signed paperwork to get it started”.

Frederick said that there is no question that the late actor’s own experience at Howard is a big part of what made him pitch this in the first place including “the memorable tale of Denzel Washington once paying for Chadwick’s tuition back in the day.”

We’re told, Phylicia Rashad — who was just named the new Dean of the fine arts college — will help shepherd the new masterclass, so it’s still in good hands.

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