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Trump’s War Against USPS

Trump VS USPS – Is It a Threat to the Postal System and the Democracy?

How would you define a postal service? A team of people working to deliver mails, and of course, some more functions. However, USPS (United States Postal Service) holds a much deeper history. Mass media, roads and highways, the privacy idea, and other things owe a debt to the postal service.

Trump against USPS

However, the ploys that Trump and his appointed postmaster general are executing point to the administration’s attempt to slow the USPS or even destroying it. A partisan purpose is touted to be behind this. Throughout, Trump, as well as his allies, have demonstrated a sense of disregard towards America’s most revolutionary institutions. However, postal service has played a more significant role in shaping the nation’s current civilization.

‘The Friday Night Massacre’ is what the execution by Trump’s administration is being referred to as.

The DeJoy Term

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, the company’s former CEO, mentioned Trump as a contributor to the Republican and New Breed Logistics. He stated about the firing of numerous top executives and reshuffling of 20+ other employees. This came after a drastic slash in the budget of the agency, causing a slowdown in mail-in ballot delivery during the last elections and other mail services. In response to this, USPS has to push the cost for delivering mail-in ballot postages to triple.

The ballots need to be delivered to thirty states on Election Day before it. However, DeJoy’s policy could lead to deprival of lots of Americans from the mail-in balloting voting facility. Also, Trump personally worked against this service by USPS by spreading false information regarding mail-in ballots being liable to fraud. However, there’s no clear evidence of this.

Developments Bringing Worries

There are multiple reasons to be worried about the developments. However, there’s still one aspect left unreported that by degrading the postal service, Trump is trashing the greatest achievement of America. The institutional history of USPS links back to the Founding Fathers and is interlinked with the understanding of what we know of privacy today.

The postal system’s process of delivering mails has significantly contributed to shaping the latest privacy idea. The letters are supposed to be private from the time they are sent to the time they are opened. However, there can be exceptions to this in certain critical conditions, like for security reasons.

Finally, John also stated the importance of the ‘Post Office Act of 1792’. He mentioned it as a significant move in establishing the base for today’s information infrastructure.

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