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Same Los Angeles Launches Kids Swimwear

Now Kids can flaunt in Luxury Bikinis Too – Same Los Angeles Launches New Range

‘Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes.’ And that’s what the brand ‘Same Los Angeles’ intends to justify with its new range of swimsuits for kids.

The label known for luxury swimwear is bringing up a new range, exclusively for kids. This new line of elevated products will be available this month under the title Samesies. Handmade in LA, the swimwear products for children packs the same sense of chic style that its earlier products are known for.

Shea Marie – The Lady Behind the Swimwear Brand

Shea Marie is a well-known influencer, blogger, and stylist. She launched her line of swimsuits in 2015 by the name ‘Same Los Angeles.’ Each product features premium Italian fabrics. Vintage-inspired silhouettes, neutral tones, and classic patterns are some more features of handcrafted collection from this brand. Shea combines her love for fashion and California’s lifestyle in every product line she designs for the brand.

Marie believes we are into the new era where swimwear is gaining traction as a respected fashion form. The same Los Angeles is a product of her vision to create a fashion-forward wearable. In addition to an appeal of classic and chic style, she also adds a twist to add an appealing touch for women.

Launching the Samesies for Kids

While launching the new product range, Marie stated that they knew they needed to create suits with the same aesthetics of the brand but in a baby version. She also said that they wanted these seamsies to be elevated as well as wearable for kids. The goal behind creating this separate product line for kids is to provide them something different than regular swimwear, something that combines style and youth in a perfect balance.

The First Collection

The Samesies for kids are launched and will be available this month. However, to start with, the brand is presenting a mix of its favorite styles and prints. Some examples include rashguards, floral board shorties, a mini-me bikini with ruffled leopard design, and a gingham cutout one-piece. Kids’ swimsuits are available in a range of sizes, starting from those for 12-month-old kids to those for 7-8 years old. The same’s suits are available in the price range of $50-$150, while the cost for accessories varies from $14-$65.

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