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Chrissy Teigen Wasn’t Aware of Pregnancy during Breast Implant – Shares Her Story

A yet another surprising story from Chrissy Teigen follows after her news of expecting a baby with John Legend. Recently, John revealed his wife pregnant with their third baby. But the way she discovered this is more shocking and interesting than the news itself.

Do you remember Chrissy’s breast implant removal treatment? One of her Twitter followers did.

Wondering why we are mentioning her treatment when talking about her pregnancy? Well! You will find out. There’s an exciting story beneath it.

That fan (who remembered her implant surgery) asked her on Twitter if she was pregnant at that time. The reason, the fan, stated for this question was her bump appearing like that. To this, the American model responded in her true fashion, narrating the story as it happened.

Chrissy’s Story of Discovering Her Pregnancy

She started with the test she did before going for surgery. While she tweeted that the pregnancy test said negative, it wasn’t. Further, she added that she did another test a few weeks later and stated that she does one every month. While she got a negative always, Chrissy did another test expecting the same result on the day John was going to release his album.

That morning was not only disappointing. It was scary as hell.

Why Chrissy Felt so Scary while Testing for Pregnancy?

This is Chrissy’s 3rd pregnancy, and the earlier two haven’t been natural. She gave birth to son Miles and daughter Luna through an IVF procedure. Despite lacking confidence in being a mother without fertility treatment, she still checked for that every month. And, that was what made it a terrifying experience.

She also added that getting breast surgery during pregnancy wasn’t a good idea. That’s why she kept on praying before every appointment, and even the operation, for things to go well. Moreover, the odds of not getting pregnant naturally added more to evil thoughts.

However, to their joy, both the mother and baby are well.

There’s another part of this story that involves John and his witty reaction to pregnancy during this lockdown. He used to joke about couples having corona babies, but they can’t have one because of Chrissy’s poor odds of natural fertility. However, things turned the other way, and now John is also a part of the league.

And to sum up this experience, Teigen mentioned a phrase. It goes like, “When we stop trying for something, life comes up with unexpected ways to surprise us.”

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